Farafra Oasis Tours – Discover The Ancient “Land Of The Cow”

Farafra Oasis Tours are ideal for travelers who want to experience more than just ancient pyramids, tombs and temples. Farafra, known as the “Land of the Cow” during the time when Egypt was still ruled by pharaohs, is the most isolated of Egypt’s New Valley oases.

Farafra Oasis Tours

According to legend, the inhabitants of the Farafra Oasis once lost all track of time, and were forced to send a camel rider to Dakhla to find out the correct time; day and etc. so that they could once again hold Friday prayers on the correct day.

Set almost in the center of Egypt’s western Sahara Desert,the region is primarily populated by Bedouins, and it is home to several local springs. It is also the nearest oasis to the famous White Desert. For this reason Farafra Oasis tours are becoming more and more popular.

The key to truly enjoying Farafra Oasis tours is finding a good and reliable local guide who will be able to handle all of the travel arrangements and ensure a safe journey both into and out of the desert.

The Town

The town within the Farafra Oasis, Qasr Al Farafra, is home to about five thousand full time residents, and though tourism is only just beginning to occur on a regular basis there are many who offer handicrafts and local art for sale to tourists and visitors. There are also several newly constructed buildings including a hotel, bus stop, cafeteria and several restaurants intended to serve the increasing number of trekkers and tourists frequenting the area since the introduction of Farafra Oasis tours.

Many visitors make a point of heading into town in order to purchase some the area’s fantastic olive oil as well as heavily embroidered shirts and dresses made by the inhabitants of the town.

The Scenery

Historically, the oasis is unlike others in the area. It is not home to any ancient Egyptian monuments or proof of visitation from the likes of Alexander the Great, though it does have the remains of a significant fortress on a hill in the center of the town.

The structure was examined in the early 20th century and is believed to be a Roman era structure built to defend the soldiers and townspeople from invading Bedouins. While it is abandoned and rarely visited by tourists, the structure is still used to store valuable goods and it remains under guard by a local watchman.

There is also a local hot spring that residents have given permission for those on Egypt desert tours to enjoy. Called Bir Sitta, it is a short drive from the town’s center, and local customs require female visitors on Farafra Oasis tours to wait until the afternoon hours to take a swim in the spring.

Outside of the town and main body of the oasis is the White Desert, which is a primary draw to the region. It has earned its name from the many bizarre and unearthly chalk formations that occur in the area, many of the most unusual are the results of centuries of sandstorms which have worn away at the soft chalk stones, leaving behind monoliths and long stretches of white desert sands. If you want a short break from an otherwise action packed sightseeing itinerary, then Farafra Oasis tours are definitely worth some consideration. Alternatively, all of our Egypt tour packages can be customized to include a trip to this charming oasis.

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