Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays

Our incredible Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays have been meticulously crafted for people who are looking for more than just a relaxing break or a sightseeing trip in the Middle East. They are designed for people who are passionate about travel, with an unquenchable desire to see new places and cultures, all while traveling in comfort and style.

From the ancient marvels of Egypt, to the breathtaking architecture and rock-cut underground cities in Turkey, our tours of the Middle East have it all. Our tours allow you to choose which Middle East destinations you want to visit. Egypt; Morocco; Jordan; Turkey; and Dubai are all waiting to welcome you, and we will be with you every step of the way.


Design Your Custom Middle East Tour

Explore the Middle East your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit


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Egypt And Dubai Tours

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Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays

Our epic range of Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays have been planned and crafted based on our extensive experience which dates all the way back to 1955 when we first started offering high quality tours of Egypt and beyond. When you book Middle East multi-centre holidays through us, you are booking your dream Middle East vacation through an Egypt tour operator that was one of the first to establish a presence in Egypt when wealthy tourists from Europe and beyond first began arriving on Egypt’s shores aboard luxury cruise liners in the mid 1900s.

For most travelers, a multi-centre Middle East tour is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience, and we realize just how important it is to ensure that the experience is as perfect and as unforgettable as it possibly can be.

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What are Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays from Egypt Tours Plus?

Middle East Multi-Center Holidays

Camels “parked” in front of the Treasury in Rose City of Petra, Jordan

The short answer would be that our Middle East multi-centre holidays can literally be whatever you want them to be because not only can all of our tours be tailored to meet your own individual needs, but we also offer Customized Multi-Destination Middle East Tours which can be created from scratch with the assistance of our highly experienced travel specialists. This is also a free service which we provide because we believe it is the right thing to do in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

While we are always more than happy to help create unique Middle East tours from scratch, experience has also shown us that most people, who visit our site in search of a Multi-Destination Middle East Packages, find what they are looking for amongst our existing Middle East tours. We really do have a phenomenal selection of tours to choose from; tours which have been created to suite all tastes, ages and budgets.

At the time of this post being written, our Middle East multi-destination tours include Egypt; Morocco; Jordan; Turkey; Dubai, and Jerusalem. Which of these destinations you visit will of course depend on which one of our tours you choose, and/or which of these destinations you actually want to visit.

Most of our existing multi-destination Middle East packages include a combination of either two or three destinations, but as mentioned earlier, all of our tours can be customized according to your own specific requirements.

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Morocco and Egypt vacation
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What Is Included in our Multi-Destination Middle East Tours?

When you go on vacation, and especially a multi-destination vacation, there are so many details that need to be taken care of, and so many things which can cause unnecessary worry. We realize this better than anyone because we are travelers too, and this is why we try to offer tours which essentially everything you require in order to enjoy a carefree and hassle free adventure without ever having to worry in case you have you have overlooked anything.

In short, when you book Middle East multi-centre holidays through us, you are only left with three things you need to take care of. You need to book and purchase your international flight tickets; you need to meet the necessary passport and visa requirements, and you need to have enough money for things like personal spending; certain meals, beverages and etc. Practically everything else is already included in the price of your chosen tour package.

Your accommodation is all included, and you can be sure that you will be staying in excellent 4 and 5 star hotels throughout your trip. If you have chosen an itinerary that includes a Nile River cruise, that too will have been included in the price, and we only ever book our clients onto 5-Star cruises with full board and lodging. All transfers and tours are conducted in modern air-conditioned vehicles, and this too is included in the prices of our Middle East multi-centre holidays.

Our tour prices also include admission tickets for all sites and attractions mentioned in our tour itineraries, as well as highly experienced English-speaking tour guides during your tours. As you can see, there really is not much you have to worry about once you have booked your tour, and unlike with many other tour operators, with us there are never any hidden fees or charges. The price you see is the price you pay. It always has been and it always will be.

Passport and Visa Requirements

For most people who are contemplating or planning Middle East multi-centre holidays, passport and visa requirements are not at a reason for concern. All of the countries which feature in our multi-centre Middle East tours have the same passport requirement, in that you must be in possession of a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining follow your last day in whichever country you are visiting.

Visa requires can and do differ from one country to the next. However, most people are able to obtain visas for all the countries which feature in Middle East multi-centre holidays without any difficulty at all. For example, nationals of the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, all EU countries, as well as some South American and some African countries can all obtain visas on arrival at the various airports. Turkey is an exception in that visitors are now required to apply online for an i-Visa prior to visiting.

It is of course worth noting that regardless of whether you apply online for your visas or whether you want to apply for a visa on arrival in the countries you visit, the criteria which need to be met can and does differ depending on your nationality and/or the passport you are traveling on. Because of this, we strongly recommend determining what the exact requirements are for each of the countries featured in your preferred itinerary, in relation to the passport you will be traveling on.

Personal Safety and Wellbeing

We can assure you, each and every one of our Middle East multi-centre holidays  have been meticulously planned and scrutinized before being made available to the public, and we have an extensive network of people on the ground who are 100% familiar with their surrounds and prevailing conditions. Under no circumstances would we even consider taking any one of our clients to a place or area if we had even the slightest reason to believe it was not completely safe to do so.

However, despite the fact that you are rarely left on your own when you travel with us, there are times when we cannot always be with you, such as in the evenings after your tours end and during the day when then are no planned tours. During times like these, we actively encourage visitors to head out and do some exploring on their own, but if and when you do, always remember that a little bit of common sense can go a long way in helping you to stay safe and avoid unpleasant experiences.

We recommend that you follow the same basic safety precautions you would if you were back in your own country. For example, be aware of pickpockets, and particularly in very busy touristy areas, and we also advise against walking around on your own late at night and/or in quite or dimly lit areas. The countries which feature in our Middle East multi-centre holidays  are no less safe than most European countries, so enjoy your holiday without being overly concerned, but just be aware that no country is 100% free of crime.

The Middle East is a fascinating region of the world, and we believe that we have selected the best places to visit for our range of Middle East tour packages. Set the wheels in motion for a magical once in a lifetime experience by calling us right now to discuss our amazing Middle East Multi-Centre Holidays.


Design Your Custom Middle East Tour

Explore the Middle East your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

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