Sinai Attractions

If you are wondering what is worth seeing during your Egyptian vacation, then you might find it interesting to know that the Sinai Peninsula is a popular location offering a number of amazing Sinai attractions which combine sightseeing, fun and relaxation all in a single travel experience. It is well and truly a great location where fun is guaranteed, whether you’re traveling alone, or whether you’re traveling with friends or family.

Cities: Dahab • Sharm El Sheikh • Taba


Monastery of St. Catherine

Monastery of St. Catherine – And The Legend Of A Monk

Soak up the religious atmosphere on the sacred mountain where God spoke to Moses, giving him the 10 Commandments and visit the age defying Monastery of Saint Catherine.
Mount Sinai Egypt Tours - Photo by Alljengi

Mount Sinai Egypt Tours – Follow In The Footsteps Of Moses

Soak up the natural beauty and experience the Holy Mountain where God spoke to Moses and gave him the 10 commandments with our amazing Mount Sinai, Egypt Tours.
The Blue Hole is very popular diving place, 8 kilometres north of Dahab, Red Sea

The Blue Hole- A SCUBA Diving Hotspot unlike Any Other

Discover the best and the worst of diving at the famous Blue Hole near Dahab in Egypt, a spectacular but also potentially deadly SCUBA diving paradise.
Cove in Ras Muhammad National Park in Sinai, Egypt

Ras Mohammed National Park – The Jewel of Sinai

Visit Ras Mohammed National Park in Egypt, the country’s most famous reserve, and one of the top SCUBA diving and snorkeling destinations in the world.
Low tide in the Nabq Protected Area. Mountains on the horizon

Nabq Protected Area – One of Egypt’s Best Kept National Park Secrets

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a truly unforgettable visit to the Nabq Protected Area, a beautiful slice of paradise on the Sinai Peninsula.
Saladin's fort at Pharaoh's Island, Egypt

Pharaoh’s Island – Stunning Views and Amazing Diving

Visit Pharaoh’s Island in for some time away from the crowds; enjoy world-class diving or snorkeling in an underwater paradise, or simply relax in the sun.
Tourist boat at Tiran Island, Red Sea, Egypt

Tiran Island – A SCUBA Diver’s Dream

Go diving were few have dived before; and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful underwater paradise that awaits around the shores or Tiran Island in Egypt.
Naama Bay view from the sea

Naama Bay – An All-Year Destination on the Red Sea Coast

Enjoy an unforgettable break in the sun at Naama Bay on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula; go snorkeling or SCUBA diving; sightseeing, or simply relax and unwind.
Sinai Desert Tours - Photo by Florian Prischl

Sinai Desert Tours – Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Take a walk on wild side! Explore Egypt’s most isolated desert, visit ancient monasteries, go camel trekking, and dive the Red Sea with adventurous Sinai Desert tours.

Colored Canyon Egypt – A Hidden Gem In The Sinai Mountains

Step into isolation and tranquility, and follow in the footsteps of traders and pilgrims of civilizations long gone – welcome to the Colored Canyon in Egypt.
Red Sea in Egypt

The Red Sea in Egypt – A Truly Unforgettable Experience

Lose yourself in the Land of the Pharaohs, cruise along the Nile in style, then explore a breathtakingly beautiful underwater world when you visit the Red Sea in Egypt.

Sinai Attractions – Beaches, Deserts and Sightseeing

Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

The Sinai Peninsula seen from space.

Sinai, Egypt, also known as the Land of Fayrouz, is an inverted triangle-shaped peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The area spans about 60,000 kilometers and the total population of the region is about 1.3 million, although this also includes Ganub Sina, Shamal Sina, Sinai, and the Suez Canal.

Cities inside the Sinai Peninsula include Dahab, Nuweiba, Sharm el-Sheikh and Taba, all of which offer amazing access to famed Red Sea attractions, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, boating and more. In addition, each city is home to a wide array of resorts, hotels and lodges that will suit any budget.

Weather on the Sinai Peninsula

View from dive shop in Dahab - Sinai Peninsula

The Lighthouse beach in Dahab, Sinai.

It gets very hot during the summer months, especially in the desert, and this explains why tourists who visit in summer spend most of their time in the water. However, the water temperature is amazing, helping ensure that all swimmers, divers and snorkelers are able to enjoy their chosen pastime to the utmost.

Packing appropriately is a definite requirement. Light cotton clothing is the best option. Also, don’t forget to pack the sunscreen and the bathing suit! If you intend to visit more remote regions of the Sinai Peninsula, pack more conservative clothing, or speak with an experienced guide to obtain the correct clothing options for comfort.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Blue Hole, Dahab - Sinai Peninsula

The infamous Blue Hole dive spot near Dahab.

Popular activities include scuba diving and snorkeling, and as a result, there are many dive centers that offer educational and recreational opportunities for all types of travelers, regardless of their experience or budget.

The waters of the Red Sea is quite literally teeming with life making Egypt diving holidays extremely popular. Hundreds of hard and soft coral species thrive in the shallow waters, giving divers an amazing world to explore. Even snorkelers will be able to immerse themselves in the underwater landscape and escape from the everyday world. The amazing underwater world of the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea awaits your enjoyment!

Many tourists love the desert landscape, as well as Sinai’s mountains, the Colored Canyon and its beautiful rock formations, ancient Egyptian ruins, and the many oases of the desert. The sunsets and sunrises overlooking the Saudi Arabian Mountains are particularly beautiful. Imagine actually seeing the Red Sea turn red! The wide variety of landscapes in the area is truly staggering and offers something for everyone.

Come experience a truly remarkable sunset; the glittering waters of the Red Sea, and the awesome sight that is the Sinai desert. Enjoy some real adventure, excitement and fun that you and your family can enjoy together.

Hiking and Mountain Climbing

Mount Sinai View at Sunrise

Mount Sinai View at sunrise, Sinai, Egypt.

Visitors also love the Sinai Peninsula for hiking. Some popular spots for hiking and mountain climbing activities include the Tarboush Mountain, the El Galt el Azrak, the Gabal El Banat and the Mount of St. Catherine.

Hiking doesn’t have to be difficult at all –depending on what Egypt tour package you choose, and where you book it, you might even have a guide to help you and a camel to carry your luggage.

Another point of interest is Mount Sinai, also called Moses Mountain. As you might assume, this is allegedly the mountain where the biblical prophet Moses received the Ten Commandments. Basata is of interest too, it being the oldest and most popular Ecolodge in the Sinai Peninsula.

More Active Fun

If you’re looking for more active fun, then visit Sharm Tickets, which offers a variety of sporting activities like go-karting, water parks and paintball. You’ll find activities that are perfect for the family, or for adventurous couples longing for some extra excitement.

Last but not least, if you want to trek farther into the Sinai Peninsula Desert then there are various local groups that will help you get started and accompany you along the way. Private Egypt tours of the desert allow you to gain firsthand experience of the unique way of life the desert requires, as well as the incredible wildlife that can be found throughout the desert.

Sure, there are plenty of attractions to see in Upper Egypt, but you should still make plans to visit Sinai for a lesson in history and a vacation of fun, learning, and an overall amazing experience.

Your Egypt Fantasy Trip Awaits You!

Explore the great pyramids, tombs and temples of ancient Egypt, enjoy an unforgettable Nile cruise, relax on the beaches of the Sinai Peninsula, and combine your Egypt tour with the ancient wonders of Jordan, which is only a few hours drive from Sinai – Consider our breathtaking Egypt and Jordan Tours.


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