Jordan Tourist Attractions

Jordan tourist attractions are unlike anything you’re likely to see elsewhere. When you explore Jordan, you’re undertaking an unforgettable journey through time. Explore the stone carved Lost City of Petra; visit the site where Jesus was baptized; discover the vastness of desert canyons and enjoy wonderful hospitality every step of the way.

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Jordan Tourist Attractions Are Historic And Breathtaking

Jordan Tourist Attractions - Petra, the Treasury and Camels

If you watch movies, it is likely that you’ve seen some of the top Jordan tourist attractions. After all, spots like Petra, the Roman theater in Amman, the Dead Sea, and the Wadi Rum have all served as locations for some of the cinema’s top stories.

This proves that Jordan is a must-see destination, and that many of Jordan’s attractions will be without crowds of other tourists or travelers. In fact, many of them are simply stunning natural locations that are the result of eons of desert wind and sand, water erosion, and simple time.

So, whether you are thinking of visiting Jordan to see the top Jordan attractions or as part of a broader tour of the Middle East, you need to know some of the most impressive places to see in Jordan.

Learn About The Top Jordan Attractions

The list of the most appealing Jordan tourist attractions is actually quite long, but to make it easier to get a good understanding of them we’ll look at them thematically. Let’s start with those natural locations that are always worth the effort of reaching them.

Natural Tourist Sites In Jordan

The Dead Sea – The most famous lake in the world, this is also the most saline. Shared with Israel, this body of water is lined with mineral deposits that provide healing mud baths, and a float in the salty water is not to be missed.

The Valley of the Moon – Known officially as Wadi Rum, this is close to the city of Aqaba and is among the most popular of all Jordan tourist attractions. It is also home to prehistoric sites in addition to being impressive for its beauty.

Lawrence’s Spring – Close to Wadi Rum (and the archaeological site of Petra) is this all natural spring where the legendary Lawrence of Arabia was known to have bathed.

Jordan Valley – Massive and impressive, it stretches along through several different regions and includes desert as well as mountainous land. Stretches of ripe agricultural land as well as arid and barren regions are found here, and an entire journey could be dedicated to exploring this area.

These Jordan tourist attractions are the most frequently toured, and yet you rarely encounter fellow travelers. You will always want a guide when visiting these regions simply because they are so enormous and you could waste your precious time in Jordan in spots less scenic when a guide could ensure you see the very best locations.

Man-made Historical Places To See In Jordan

There are also many man-made attractions throughout Jordan, and a list of these top Jordan tourist attractions has to include:

Petra – The Rose City is so otherworldly that it is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site. Carved elaborately into the rocks of the desert it is hidden from plain sight and requires a special journey to explore it.

Jerash – The ruins of this ancient city are among some of the most haunting and mysterious you may encounter anywhere in the world. It is all that remains of a once proud civilization, and it was actually lost to time before rediscovery in the 1800s.

Amman – With its Roman theater, this ancient city has proven itself to be one of the most worthwhile of all Jordan tourist attractions simply because of its unbelievable age. Known to have been inhabited for almost ten thousand years, it is also the modern capital city.

Karak Castle – If Templar Knights and the Crusades are of interest, this enormous castle is for you.

Irbid – This Bronze Age city is a must see destination for history buffs, but it is also essential to anyone who appreciates architecture. Surprisingly located in one of the most populated locations in all of Jordan, this is a spot not to miss.

Madaba – Here you find the amazing City of Mosaics, as well as the St. George Orthodox Church. The latter is among the most treasured of historic sites and historians often identify it as crucial to their understanding of the region’s history.

Ajloun Castle – Built in the 1100s, it is one of the hottest of all Jordan tourist attractions because of its history and beauty.

As-Salt – Alexander the Great founded this ancient city, and it played a key role in the development of trade in the region.

Naturally, there is much more to see and do when in Jordan, and this is why we have strongly suggested booking a guided tour. Some of the best tour providers include Jordan in comprehensive tours of other areas in the Middle East, and many of these tours have a historic emphasis.

Choosing Your Egypt And Jordan Tour

As an example of this, EgyptToursPlus has a lot of experience in Jordan tours, offering visits to Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, and many of the other popular Jordan tourist attractions. Covering a majority of the most appealing and popular tourist destinations, the tours offered ensure that visitors do more than just “skim the surface” of this fascinating destination. Stops at some of the most captivating natural and historic locations ensure that travelers go home feeling they have truly experienced and encountered this rich and diverse land. Visiting markets and museums in the cities, walking and exploring some of the remote and yet charming historical sites…this is what makes a dream holiday.

EgyptTousPlus is also a rare firm offering visitors the luxury of combining visits to Egypt and Jordan, and all in the company of experienced tour guides and providers. Imagine what it would be like to visit the pyramids of Giza and see the temples of Luxor and also walk the desert sands to see Petra and dip in the Dead Sea…this is possible with a combination tour of Jordan and Egypt. You can also find even broader packages that include locations like Turkey and Israel too.

If you have been dreaming of visiting the sights throughout Jordan, whether wildly popular or lesser known, book your tour with an experienced firm that will allow you to pay a visit to all of your must see Jordan tourist attractions. Be sure they include the familiar and famous spots, as well as some of those not so famous spots, too.