Alserkal Art District – Where Industry Meets Art

Enjoy some time at Dubai’s incredible Alserkal Art District, an often overlooked part of the city where art and industry live together in harmony. While most of our standard Egypt and Dubai tours don’t include a visit to this district, it is definitely worth a visit if you enjoy art.

Alserkal Art District

Art gallery in Alserkal Art District, Dubai.

When most people think about Dubai tourist attractions, they don’t often think about art and places such as Alserkal Art District. Instead, they tend to think about places such as Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, or Palm Jumeirah, the world’s largest manmade island. Others may think about romantic Dhow cruises on Dubai Creek; souks with vast amounts of spices and gold, or perhaps Dubai Mall with its 1,200 shops, 120 cafes and restaurants, and etc. Art on the other hand, is not something which very few people associate with Dubai.

The reality, however, is that the art scene in Dubai has changed and evolved more that anyone could ever possibly have imagined, and Alserkal Art District is living proof of this phenomenal transformation.

Alsekal Art Distric, which was once a relatively modest industrial zone, has now become a sprawling 990,000 square feet zone which is largely dedicate to art, including the performing arts. No matter what day of the week you visit, and no matter what time of the year you choose to visit, there is always plenty to see in the Alserkal Art District.

Whether you want to catch a stage performance; visit an exhibition, or simply admire many astonishing works of art, the Alserkal Art District will never disappoint you.

Alserkal Art District – A brief History and Overview

In earlier times, the area which is now known as the Alserkal Art District was purely an industrial area called Al Quoz. However, in 2009, Carbon 12 Dubai, which has long since been one of the most active contemporary art galleries in region, relocated to what was then the Al Quoz industrial zone. Shortly after Carbon 12 Dubai relocated, several other galleries and etc. soon followed. From this point on, the area steadily evolved into what is today Dubai’s primary area of artistic activity.

Today, Alserkal Avenue and the surrounding area is home to more than 60 different venue which dedicated to art in one form or another. Most of the art collections you can view in the area either belong to various foundations and private collectors, but many are also part of different community projects.

One of the things which lend this area so much charm is that there were never any plans in place to convert this into an artistic hub. It is something which just occurred naturally, and it is still occurring, given that there are still numerous industrial businesses operating in the area.

The Alserkal Art District is also much loved because the fact that the area represents artists of all types and all levels of experience. Just as one can head to this area to admire works created by well known artists, one can also head here to see and admire the art and artistic ideas of emerging talent. In short, no matter what sort of art you are into, you can be sure that Alserkal Art District never disappoints.

If you are passionate about art and you would like to visit the Alserkal art district during your stay in Dubai, you can do so in comfort at style with any one of our Dubai and Egypt vacation packages.

Visiting Alserkal Art District

The fact that Alserkal Art District is located in Dubai should be reason enough for any art lover to visit this part of the city. After all, when something gets done in Dubai, it never fails to amaze and impress, and the Alserkal Art District is no exception.

The overall atmosphere in the area tends to be very relaxed; an area where the pace is slower. In that respect, it can provide you with a welcome break if you have been buzzing around in the center of town for a few days. If you appreciated art, then we can certainly recommend visiting this delightful fusion zone where industry and art live side by side.

Despite Alserkal Art District being such a nice place to visit while you are in Dubai, it is unlikely that you will see it featured in our Dubai Tour Packages or our Egypt and Dubai Tours.

Even though you probably won’t see this area featured in our tour itineraries, a visit to the Alserkal Art District can easily be added to your preferred tour if you would like it to be.

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