Can US Citizens Travel to Jordan?

Absolutely! US citizen are just as welcome in Jordan as the citizens of many other countries, providing the meet Jordan’s entry requirements, in other words, a valid passport and a valid visa.

Can US Citizens Travel to Jordan?

The Amphitheater in Jerash, Jordan


Can US Citizens Travel to Jordan?

Because of America’s involvement in some Middle East countries, some Americans are concerned about whether or not they will be welcome in Jordan. So, can US citizens travel to Jordan?

As mentioned right at the very beginning of this post, Americans are welcome to visit Jordan. It is worth noting that America and Jordan are actually allies. In fact, the US designated Jordan as a major non-NATO ally in 1996.

At Egypt Tours Plus, our Egypt and Jordan tours are amongst our most popular package holidays, and many clients who book them are from the USA. To date, we have not had any negative feedback from American clients who have booked one of our Egypt and Jordan package tours.

Passport Requirements for Visiting Jordan

Unlike the citizens of many countries, US citizens do not need to meet a long list of entry requirements in order to visit Jordan. However, you will need a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining as from your date of arrival in the country. To be on the safe side, we recommend that your passport should be valid for at least six months as from your intended date of departure from the Jordan. Your passport should also have at least one blank page.

Jordan Tourist Visa Requirements for US Citizens

Can US citizens travel to Jordan without a valid tourist visa or must they apply for a visa before travel? US citizens can travel to Jordan without a visa because US citizens can obtain a Jordan visa on arrival when they arrive in the country.

A Jordan visa-on-arrival is a single-entry 30-day tourist visa. These can be obtained at Queen Alia International Airport or at most land border crossings. As of the time of writing, the cost for a single-entry visa on arrival in Jordan was JOD 40 (about 56 US Dollars). 

If you enter Jordan via Queen Alia International Airport, you can also get a multiple-entry five-year visa. As of the time of writing, a five-year multiple entry visa cost JOD 114 (about 160 US Dollars).

Be aware that you will also have to pay a JOD 10 exit fee if you leave the country via a land border crossing. This exit fee is not charged at the airport because it is typically included in the cost of your flight ticket.

If you are going to be entering or departing from the country via one of the international land border crossings, we highly recommend that you have enough cash on you to pay for the visa fee or exit fee. Not all land border crossings have the means to process credit card and/or debit card payments.

Covid-19 Entry Requirements

Can US citizens travel to Jordan if they have not been vaccinated against COVID-19? Yes, both vaccinated adults and unvaccinated adults are welcome to visit Jordan. Foreign tourists do not need to show a vaccination card when they arrive in the country. They also don’t have to quarantine unless they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

As of the time of writing, foreign tourists were required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 120 hours before arrival in the country. Face masks are not required in public or in businesses.

Health Insurance

Can US citizens travel to Jordan without travel medical insurance? While you could visit Jordan without any medical insurance in the past, this is no longer the case. On the 9th of May 2022, the Jordanian government amended the country’s entry requirements, making travel medical insurance mandatory for all visitors.

Your insurance should also include COVID-19 insurance to cover the cost of COVID-19 treatment should it be required while you are in the country.

Traveling to Jordan as a Gay Couple

After gaining independence in 1946, Jordan reviewed and amended the country’s penal code in 1951, removing homosexuality as a criminal offense during the process. As things stand today, homosexuality is legal in Jordan, but members of the LGBT often face discrimination. As is the case with alcohol, homosexuality is not exactly celebrated in the country.

Being a Muslim-majority country, public shows of affection are largely frowned upon, and even more so in the case of same-gender couples. Public displays of affection between same-gender couples can lead to being charges for breaking a law which prohibits disruption or disturbance of public morality.

Traveling To Jordan from Israel

Can US citizens travel to Jordan from Israel? Yes, you can travel to Jordan from Israel, either by road, or by flying. Royal Jordanian Airlines has two daily flights between Tel Aviv and Amman. Aqaba in Jordan also has a small airport with flights between Tel Aviv and Aqaba.

Jordan, a Perfect Add-On Destination

Jordan certainly cannot compete with a country like Egypt in terms of ancient archaeological sites, but there is still so much to see, including the absolutely breathtaking Lost City of Petra. If you are going to be traveling all the way from the United States, why not make the most of your trip by visiting more than only one destination in the region.

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