Dubai Fountain – The World’s Most Famous Musical Fountain Display

With 6,600 lights; 25 color projectors, and a variety of music to match, Dubai Fountain is unquestionably the world’s most spectacular choreographed fountain. Visit this aquatic marvel with one of our select Egypt and Dubai tours.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain, Dubai Cityscape.

If you can create something big, Dubai can make something bigger. If your creation is spectacular, Dubai will surely make something even more spectacular. It really is the place to be if you have a passion for all things great. If luxury and opulence rock your boat, then I can assure you, you need look no further than Dubai.

Now, you probably already know that Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stretching nearly one kilometer into the desert sky. This architectural masterpiece is located in an upscale development called Downtown Dubai, and it’s accompanied by thousands of houses; residential towers; parkland and a vast man-made lake.

It’s also home to a glittering shopping mall and of course, the infamous Dubai Fountain. As with many things in Dubai, Dubai Fountain is also a record breaker, in that it’s the world’s largest “choreographed” fountain system.

Design And Special Features Of Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain might not be the most powerful fountain, but when all things are considered, it is well and truly in a league of its own. The most powerful water jets can blast a stream of water nearly 150 meters into the air, and when lights and music are added to the equation, you end up with a display like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

The lighting is so awesome that it can be seen from 20 or more kilometers away. Nonetheless, such a spectacle doesn’t come without a price. While a definite figure seems to be lacking, estimates place the value of Dubai Fountain in the region of US$218,000,000.

At any given moment, the fountain can propel up to 83,000 liters of water into the air, so it doesn’t take much to see why it’s become one of the most visited Dubai tourist attractions. The pressure required to blast such a volume of water as high into the sky as has been mentioned, creates a sort of sonic boom, and this makes the experience so much more memorable.

If you book one of our Egypt and Dubai tours that include a dinner cruise on Dubai Creek, you will get to see the fountain in all it’s glory during your cruise. Alternatively, a visit to the fountain can easily be arranged even if it is not part of your preferred tour itinerary.

A View From Above

No matter where you chose to watch this spectacular display from, it’s going to be an amazing experience, but if you well and truly want to get the very best view possible, then do yourself a favor and have a world class dinner at the infamous At.Mospher Grill on the 122dnd floor of the world’s tallest building. Not only is it considered to be the “in” place to eat, but at nearly half a kilometer high, it’s also the highest restaurant on the planet.

If you don’t like the idea of eating at such giddy heights, then simply opt for one of the Armani Hotel’s eight restaurants. However, just make sure you choose one which has an unobstructed view of the Dubai Fountain.

Nothing Beats Being Up Close And Personal

Of course, as with any type of show, front row seats are always best. Fortunately, you can book front row seats to see the fountain show as well, and keep in mind, the fountain display stretches roughly 900 feet. To do this, you simply need to purchase a ticket to board a traditional Abra boat. Climb onboard, and then relax as you cruise along the lake as close to the Dubai Fountain display as possible.

Even though people have read that the water shoots so high into the sky, they are still often amazed at just how high it really is. To put it in perspective, just imagine a fountain that is as tall as a 45 story building.

Other Strange Facts

  • If you’re close to the fountain, then you are also within walking distance of the world’s largest shopping mall.
  • The nearby Burj Khalifa has attracted a number of thrill seeking base jumpers, both authorized and unauthorized.
  • Base jumping from the world’s tallest building results in a jump which last for no less than one and a half minutes, and speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour.

Whatever you do you need to see the Dubai Fountain in person in order to really appreciate it. As an added bonus, there are many other interesting attractions in very close proximity.

To book your holiday break of a lifetime which includes visiting Dubai Fountain, simply visit us now here: Egypt and Dubai Tours. We offer an unbeatable range of package tours, and with decades worth of experience, we can also customize a tour package just for you.

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Last Updated on April 24, 2024