Egypt Group Tours – The Best Way To Visit Egypt As A Group

Egypt group tours can be designed to fit your group’s precise specifications. Egypt Tours Plus has been offering incentive tours and other epic Egypt tour packages ever since 1955, so you can be absolutely certain that you travel needs are going to be in the best possible hands.

Egypt Group Tours

All Types of Egypt Group Tours Catered For!

If you have always dreamed of visiting Egypt and seeing the wonders of the ancient world, there has never been a better time or opportunity than with flexible, customizable and completely private Egypt group tours. We offer incentive tours as well as corporate tours that allow you to design your tour to Egypt precisely to your own specifications.

We are able to arrange any type of custom Egypt tour or Middle East tour package for your needs: for seniors, schools, disabled persons or companies. Whatever it is that you have in mind, Egypt Tours Plus can make it happen.

Experience travel to Egypt the way it is meant to be experienced; in complete style and comfort, and according to your own itinerary. We believe in providing our travelers with the ultimate in choice with regards to their travel options, and our high quality Egypt group tours do just that.

A journey to a land as fascinating and vibrant as Egypt should be conducted on your terms; not on those of a travel planner. That is precisely why we offer completely customizable, private and flexible Egypt group tours. Spend your time in Egypt with your family, friends or your team when you plan a private and customized group tour with us.

Custom Group Tour to Egypt

It can be a challenging task to organize and execute a successful, independent Egypt group tour. The complications involved in planning such a group travel event can be innumerable and leave you feeling more stressed than relaxed.

Our customized Egypt group tours removes the burdens of planning a group tour of Egypt and replaces them with the opportunity to sit back and enjoy a memorable travel experience. No matter your group size or what your particular area of interest may be, our travel planning experts can satisfy your needs and will even exceed your expectations.

Whether you wish to plan a family adventure or whether you are interested in planning incentive tours or corporate tours, we can work with you to plan an adventure that everyone in your group will enjoy.

If your group has particular interests, such as geography, nature, photography, cuisine, sports or archaeology, to name just a few, simply let us know, and we will work with you to create the ideal package.

We can customize your travel to your specialized areas of interest to provide you with a vacation that is rewarding, educational and stress-free; all focused on your particular area of interest.

Incentive Tours and Corporate Tours

Egypt is a diverse country, rich in culture and history. One can see this diversity reflected in Egypt’s traditions, dress, lifestyle, people and culture. It is because of this very diversity that Egypt has today become one of the most popular travel and tourism destinations in the world.

Each year tourists from all around the globe visit Egypt and become enchanted with this beautiful country. A range of different incentive tours to Egypt are available, including Nile River cruises.

The blazing desert, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural beauty, art and architecture, and the magnificent ancient attractions will inspire and enchant you. Throughout Egypt you will find a myriad of travel destinations. Some of the more popular destinations in Egypt to enjoy include:

  • The Pyramids of Giza
  • The Egyptian Museum
  • Khan El-Khalili
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Nile River Cruise
  • Karnak Temple
  • Abu Simbel Temples

All of these attractions and sights can be easily enjoyed in one journey with a customized Egypt group tours arranged through our experienced travel team at Egypt Tours Plus.

We handle all of the arrangements, allowing you to benefit from our excellent connections to ensure your Egyptian vacation is exciting and enjoyable. We take pride in offering Egypt group tours that are flexible and organized so that you are able to plan the type of trip you want to enjoy, not someone else’s idea of the perfect vacation.

Best of all, private incentive or corporate tours ensure that you travel with your team, not complete strangers as you uncover the rich beauty that is Egypt.

Start Planning your Incentive or Corporate Tour Now

To begin planning your Egypt group tour, simply contact us by filling a short questionnaire which you can find here. Please be sure to include everything that interests you. Literally hundreds of different options and accommodations are available when you plan your Egypt tour with us.

The possibilities are limitless! See the ancient pyramids, dive in the Red Sea, explore the Sinai Peninsula, take an excursion into the desert; whatever it is that you have always dreamed of doing on a tour to Egypt, we can help to make your dreams reality!

There are absolutely no limits! Our flexible and customizable Egypt tour packages give you the opportunity to give your team the best of Egypt. Whether you are planning an incentive tour or a corporate tour, you can custom design your Egypt tours together with our team to be sure the trip is precisely what you want it to be!

Egypt Small Group Tours

Looking for pre-packaged Small Group Tours of Egypt? Find your favorite below.


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