How Much Is a Nile River Cruise?

The cost of a Nile River cruise in Egypt can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It really depends on the cruise duration and what level of luxury you want to enjoy.

How Much Is a Nile River Cruise

Passing the Philae Temple on the Nile River, Egypt (short boat ride)


How Much Is a Nile River Cruise?

As you can tell from what’s been said above, the cost of a cruise on the River Nile can vary tremendously. This post is being written based on the assumption that you are trying to find information regarding a genuine cruise experience, rather than a short boat ride on the river (as shown on the image above).

If our assumption is correct, you have two options to choose from. You can go for a Dahabiya cruise, or you can book a cruise on one of the large cruise ships.

So, how much is a Nile River cruise on a Dahabiya compared to a cruise on one of the large cruise boats? Let’s take a look…

Dahabiya Nile River Cruises

How much is a Nile River cruise on a traditional Dahabiya boat? Many people believe that these are the most beautiful Nile cruises. Devoid of crowds and powered by the wind, a cruise on a Dahabiya is an experienced not soon forgotten. However, this heightened sense of privacy and blissful tranquility comes at a price.

This is not to say they are exorbitantly expensive, but you can certainly find a lot of cheaper Nile cruises out there. At the time of this post being written, prices for a cruise on these majestic river yachts were ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars.

Most people who have experienced a 5-Star Dahabiya cruise have had no regrets and felt that the experience was more than worth the extra cost.

The beauty of these cruises is the fact that most Dahabiyas only have 6 to 12 cabins, meaning that you share your cruise with only a very limited number of other passengers. Some Dahabiya owners / operators are even willing to set sail as long as a minimum of four births have been booked and paid for. If you are a family with children, this could mean that you and your family could potentially have the entire vessel all to yourselves.

As is the case with the larger cruise ships, Dahabiya Nile cruises also include professionally guided daily excursions to several of Egypt’s most impressive ancient sites. Some cruise itineraries will also include visits to monuments that are located in areas where the larger cruise ships are prohibited from docking.

Cruise Ship Nile Cruises

A Nile cruise on one of the large passenger ships is the most popular choice, but how much is a Nile cruise on one of these large river cruisers? As of the time of writing, a cruise on board one of these larger passenger boats could be found for less than 1,000 US Dollars. However, the actual cost of your cruise will depend on which cruise ship you opt for, and also on the length of your cruise.

Nile cruises in the lower price range are mostly also five-star cruises, but they tend to be very short, usually 4-day/3-night cruises from Aswan to Luxor. If you choose one of these Nile River cruises, expect a tightly packed schedule due to the short duration.

With a 4-day Nile cruise, you will visit the same great ancient monuments that you would if you booked a longer cruise, but you will have less time for relaxing. If time permits and you are willing to pay a little bit more, we would recommend that you rather book a 5-day trip, 

With a 5-day Nile Cruise, not only do you enjoy daily excursions, but you will also have more time for yourself to relax and unwind. No matter which one you choose, you are guaranteed to have a truly amazing experience.

Ancient Egypt with a Luxury Nile River Cruise

How much is a Nile River cruise on a luxury cruise ship? This really depends because it varies from one vessel to the next. It all depends on the level of luxury provided.

At the time of this post being written, prices for a luxury Nile cruise such as MS Esplanade Nile cruise and/or the MS Mayfair Nile cruise were starting at just over $1,000 for a 5-day/4-night Nile cruise. On the opposite end of the scale, prices for 4 night cruises, such as an Oberoi Philae Nile cruise and/or an Oberoi Zahra Nile cruise were starting at around $2,400.

While this may seem very pricey compared to some other five-star cruises, it is worth noting that the Oberoi Zahra, for example, is often described as a floating palace. When only the best will do, an Oberoi Zahra or Oberoi Philae Nile cruise would be a perfect choice.

If the price tag that comes with the above-mentioned luxury Nile cruises are beyond your reach, we would recommend that you consider booking a cruise on board a vessel such as the Movenpick Royal Lily which is also rather luxurious, but not quite as extravagant as the Oberoi Zahra.

What Does the Cost of Your Nile River Cruise Include?

How much is a Nile River cruise and what all is included in cruise prices. As we have already mentioned, prices for Nile River Cruises very considerably. Regardless of whether you book a standard five-star cruise or a five-star luxury cruise, all meals should be included in the price and you should have access to all onboard amenities.

You Nile River cruise itinerary should also include professional Egyptologist-guided excursions to several of Egypt’s most popular and most cherished ancient tourist attractions, including sites such as Philae Temple, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Queen Hatshepsut Temple, Edfu Temple, Valley of the Kings, to name just a few. All admission fees should also be included in the price of your cruise.

If you book your Nile River cruise through a reputable travel agent, you should also be given free bottled water to drink during your onshore excursions. 

When on board the vessel, additional meals and beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are not included in the price of most cruises. Optional services are also not included in the price of most cruises. This includes things like laundry, beauty treatments, massage, and etc.

Save Money by Booking in Advance

How much is a Nile River Cruise if you book in advance, compared to if you try and snap up a last-minute deal. While last minute deals may look great on the surface, they can more often than not end up costing you way more than if you had booked a few months in advance.

As is the case with so many things in life, Nile cruise prices increase on quite a regular basis. If you wait until the last minute in the hope that you will secure a good bargain, you could end up paying $100 or more than you would have if you had booked your cruise a few months in advance.

If you book your cruise in advance and you pay the necessary deposit, you will not be affected by any future price increases. This is assuming you book your cruise through a reputable Egypt tour operator.

Explore Egypt in Comfort and Style

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