Things to Do in Rabat – Exploring Morocco’s Modern Capital

If you are heading to Rabat and want to expand your list of things to do in Rabat to include more unusual activities, we have a nice list of subtle and unique excursions. While you must visit the souqs and the monumental sites, there is a lot more than that to Rabat.

Things to Do in Morocco - Visit the Historical Medina

Things to Do in Rabat

As the modern capital of Morocco, the city of Rabat is a modern place, but it also has some of the most interesting museums, historical sites and scenery.

As so many surprised travelers discover, it is a remarkably pretty place to visit.

That is why it is important to know about the things to do in Rabat before you arrive. Though it is a place with a much calmer pace, it does have a lot to offer and you won’t want to miss anything during a stay. This is one reason to look at one of our Morocco private tours and get a driver who can help you choose the best things to do in Rabat and then make sure you enjoy them!

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One of the best recommendations for something to do during a visit to Rabat is to visit the historic site of Chellah. This stands in somewhat sharp contrast to the rest of Rabat, and it should.

Once the Roman city known as Sala Colonia, Chellah became a Merenid cemetery and was totally abandoned by the 1100s. It has its walls and some of its towers, and the groves that surround it are some of the loveliest imaginable. Time here will be deeply satisfying and totally unforgettable.

You may also want to head to another of the more remote and tranquil spots in Rabat with a visit to the Platforme du Semaphore. It gazes out at Sale across the water and also provides excellent views of the estuary and marina.

Another of the best things to do in Rabat is to visit the Oudaias Kasgah with its beautifully painted houses, but don’t miss Oudaias Museum and Andalusian Gardens tucked inside the Kasbah as well. Offering enchanting displays of classic Moroccan décor, you may be inspired to redecorate your home after a visit here.

Finally, among the other unusual excursion to enjoy in Rabat is a visit to the Moroccan Museum of Money. Considered a rare gem of a museum in a lovely building, it has some amazing examples of the money that has been in use in Morocco over the centuries. From Roman coins to contemporary cash, it is a fun and unique experience truly unique to Rabat.

There are many other things to do, including paying visits to the many museums and galleries, the souqs and gardens, and monumental buildings and structures. You can blend these more common activities with more unique activities we’ve considered here, and create an unforgettable list of things to do in Rabat.

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Last Updated on June 12, 2022