What to Pack for a Nile Cruise?

The weather dictates what clothes one should pack for a Nile cruise. Besides your clothing, you should also consider packing in things like sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, and etc.

What to Pack for a Nile Cruise

Traditional Dahabiya boat on Nile River, Egypt


What to Pack for a Nile Cruise?

What you choose to pack in for your Nile cruise is going to, at least to a certain extent; depend on your personal travel style. 

A lot of people get carried away when they are packing for a vacation and they end up packing in stuff which they never end up needing or using during their trip. The last thing you want when traveling, is to have to cart around suitcases jam packed with stuff which you could easily do without.

If you don’t want to be burdened down with unnecessary luggage, continue reading…

Best Clothing to Pack for a Nile River Cruise

When it comes to clothing, many people are uncertain of what to pack for a Nile cruise. To begin with, you should know that most Nile cruise ships have no formal dress code. Passengers are free to dress as they want throughout the day. However, in the evenings when you have your dinner, you should dress smart casual. For example, men should wear long pants, while women should consider wearing a pair of slacks or a long dress.

Given that there is no dress code aboard Nile cruise ships, you should simply pack in the sort of clothes in which you feel most comfortable. With this in mind, don’t pack in more smart casual clothes than what you think you will need during your cruise.

If you are going to be visiting during Egypt’s cooler months from November to March, then you should also pack in some warm clothing. Believe it or not but Egypt can actually get quite cold during the winter months, and especially in the evenings.

If you visit at any other time of the year, then your focus should be on loose-fitting lightweight clothing. Being such a hot country for most of the year, we would also recommend that you also opt for light colors rather than dark colors.

If you don’t want to wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts, and you would rather wear shorts and t-shirts, then you should choose lightweight cotton shorts and cotton t-shirts.

As far as footwear is concerned, it is really a matter of personal choice. During excursions, many passengers opt for comfortable sandals, while others opt for comfortable walking shoes. For your sightseeing excursions we would recommend wearing a pair of comfortable walking shoes rather than sandals, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours.

Don’t forget to pack in your swimwear because a swim in the ship’s outdoor swimming pool will prove to be irresistible. And ladies, it is perfectly fine for you to wear any sort of swimwear you like when you are sunbathing or relaxing by the pool.

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Must Pack Items for Sun Protection

When you are on board your cruise boat, it will be easy for you to avoid the sun if you want to. After all, if the sun and the heat get too much for you outdoors, you can simply head inside to one of the ship’s air-conditioned areas. However, onshore excursions are a different matter entirely.

Even if you wear long pants and long-sleeve tops during your onshore excursions to temples and tombs, there are a number of things you can do to make these excursions as enjoyable as possible.

Good Quality Sunscreen Lotion

A good quality sunscreen lotion should be one of the first things that you pack into your suitcase. We would recommend that you choose a sunscreen lotion that has an SFP (Sun Protection Factor) of no less than 30. We also recommend that you treat all areas of skin that may be exposed to the sun, including your face, hands, and feet if you are wearing open sandals.

Good Quality Polaroid Sunglasses

There is no getting away from the fact that you are going to see a lot of sun during your Nile river cruise. Trust us when we say that the glare of the sun can be absolutely blinding. A pair of sunglasses is an absolute must in Egypt, and not just any old sunglasses. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good pair of Polaroid sunglasses.

Lightweight, Wide-Brimmed Hat

You are going to be visiting several ancient temples and other ancient monuments during your cruise. Most of these sites offer very little in the way of shade. A lightweight wide-brimmed hat will provide some degree of shade for your face and serve as a secondary form of sun protection. 

Essential Gadgets and Appliances

There are a number of gadgets and appliances which we feel you should definitely consider packing in for your trip down the Nile. These are all things which can help you to avoid disappointment and/or frustration:

Camera and Camera Accessories

As we have said, if you book a decent Nile River cruise, it will include a number of excursions to several historical sites, including ancient ruins and tombs which are quite simply beyond breathtaking. If you are like most people, your camera is going to be working overtime.

If you are going to be using a standalone camera, we would recommend that you pack in at least one spare battery. The last thing you will want is for your battery to run out of juice while you’re enjoying a visit to one of Egypt’s breathtaking ancient sites.

Depending on what sort of camera you have, you could also opt for using a portable power bank. If you are only going to be using your phone camera, then we would also recommend that you pack in a good portable power bank / mobile charger. Last but not least, don’t forget to pack in at least one or two extra memory cards for storing your memories of Ancient Egypt.

Universal Power Adapter

Depending on which country you are traveling from, you may need a universal power adapter, or at least a power adapter that will allow you to use the electrical outlets during your cruise. Most of the Nile cruise boats have electrical outlets which are designed for round two-pin plugs (Type F), the same sort of plugs which are used in many European countries.

For extra convenience, consider purchasing a power adapter that also has USB ports that you can use for charging things such as your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, electric shavers and etc.

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Personal Care Products

There are a few personal care products which you should consider packing in your luggage. Even though some of these may not be needed during your time on board the cruise ship, they take up very little space in your luggage and they can be a real blessing if they are indeed needed.

To save yourself a trip to the pharmacy, or if you are not going to have time to do some shopping before you board your cruise, be sure to pack in some over-the-counter treatments. We recommend packing in some antibacterial treatment, both liquid and ointment.

You should also pack in a variety of plasters to cover and protect any scratches or minor cuts that you may pick up along the way. Yes, these can be purchased on board the cruise ship, but having some stashed away in your luggage will give you some extra piece of mind.

You should also consider packing in some anti-diarrhea treatment. Providing you don’t drink tap water during your cruise, and providing that you only eat food that is served on board the ship, it is unlikely that you will need any anti-diarrhea treatment. However, if you are going to be visiting other parts of Egypt, such as Cairo, either before or after your Nile River cruise, then you could well end up needing some anti-diarrhea medication at some point.

Packing in a good quality insect repellent is also highly recommended. If you can find a cooling insect repellent then that would be ideal considering the weather in Egypt. Mosquitoes and other bugs are not really a problem when you’re on a Nile river cruise, but you will almost certainly get a few mosquito bites along the way if you don’t use any repellent. Don’t worry too much though, Egypt is malaria-free.

Last but not least, if you are a female traveler, you should consider packing in an adequate number of sanitary pads or tampons if you feel you will need them during your cruise.

Discover Ancient Egypt in Comfort and Style

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