Why Jordan Tours Are a Brilliant Idea for Your Next Holiday

Why Jordan Tours

The Treasury in Petra by night

Why Jordan tours? Quite simply, they ensure you take in some of the most stunning scenery in the world, savor the rich culture of this ancient land, and get the most out of every moment of the vacation.

Are you thinking of your next big adventure and wondering where you should go with your family, closest friends or regular group of fellow explorers? If you haven’t considered Jordan, you are missing a great opportunity, and with premium Egypt and Jordan combination tours you can have the adventure of a lifetime.

Why Jordan Tours Can Offer So Much

If you are not convinced that Jordan tours can meet such standards and include such sights, just consider that Jordan is home to the world’s oldest and longest inhabited city – Amman. It has seen an array of cultures over more than seven thousand years of existence, and a visit to the city will allow you to learn all you can about each of them. Just a guided visit here alone is enough to answer why Jordan tours are such a good idea, and yet there is everything else in this beautiful land to consider.

What do we mean everything else? Well, for example, the three climatic regions of Jordan include the famed Jordan River Valley, the equally famous Eastern Desert area that borders with Saudi Arabia’s northern desert, and the amazing Mountain Plateau area that is home to such destinations as famous Petra.

This means you can see sites straight out of the Bible, encounter stunning desert dunes and scenery from a 4×4 or the back of a camel, and even head to the Red Sea to enjoy some of the world’s finest snorkeling. You can also choose to pay a visit at any time of the year and see how the seasons arrive and marvel at the idea of a snowfall in a Middle Eastern city or flowers in the desert!

Other Reasons Why Jordan Tours Remain Popular

As you might have guessed, one of the reasons why Jordan tours are a wise choice is that they can help you see as much of these locations as possible, even if you are visiting for a single week’s time. If you have longer, you can spend days exploring the many different regions and meeting some of the friendliest people in the world.

Jordanians are noted for their hospitality and general sense of welcome to all travelers, but they are also noted for being very progressive and excepting of other cultures. This ensures that people from almost anywhere in the world will find much to love about a visit to Jordan.

Yet, if you choose your tour provider wisely, you can find tours that can incorporate even more than Jordan alone. Spain, Morocco, Egypt and Israel are also within easy reach and can be added to a tour.

What You Can See in Jordan

As we said, one of the reasons why Jordan tours are such a good choice is that you can see so much, even in a short time. Jordan is not an enormous country as it is under 100,000 square km in size. This, however, doesn’t mean it is always easy to get from point A to point B. Booking your holiday through an organized tour provider that is registered in Jordan can help you get to even the most difficult reaches and forget about the hassles of driving. Instead, it is all about enjoying the scenery in comfort and safety.

As an example, a simple 8 day Jordan adventure tour could take you to Amman, where you can see the famous Roman Theatre, the Amman Citadel and modern shopping district. From Amman, you could see famous Jerash (an ancient Roman city), the crusader castle of Ajloun, and the stunning Umm Qais, mentioned in the Bible. You will also be able to marvel at the view from this mountaintop.

You could then take a dip in the Dead Sea, visit the famed city of mosaics known as Madaba, and climb to the top of Mount Nebo where it is believed Moses first set eyes on the Promised Land. After that, you could pay a visit to Petra (known for its appearances in countless films and TV shows), do some hiking in Wadi Rum, and then enjoy an evening of sleeping in the desert.

All of that in a week! This is exactly why Jordan tours are such a great choice for almost any sort of traveler.

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Beyond the Sights: Why Jordan Tours Are the Best Choice

Of course, a long list of sites visited in a single week is not why Jordan tours are such a good choice. It is because, when you book tours with the right providers, you get an authentic experience of each site you visit. You don’t have to stress about how you will get from place to place, but you will also have the gift of a well-informed and passionate guide to inform you about the sites you visit.

Learning more about the beautiful locations only enhances your experience of them. While it will always be amazing to stand before the famed Treasury at Petra, learning about the people who lived there, built it and even the kind of stone or techniques used enhances the experience. The same could be said of downtime in a city like Amman, and the option of booking your guide to walk you through the historic sites or simply take you through the markets to help you bargain with the vendors for your amazing souvenirs and gifts.

And if you wanted a more expansive tour, such as a vacation that included a visit to Jordan’s nearest neighbors – Egypt and Israel – that too can be accomplished. It is yet another reason why Jordan tours booked through premium providers can be such a great choice.

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If you want an answer to the question of just why Jordan tours are a brilliant choice for your next holiday, get in touch with the team at Egypt Tours Plus. Offering Jordan-only tours as well as comprehensive visits to the region, they can arrange a private, custom or group tour you will treasure for years to come.

Last Updated on January 18, 2024