Pera District In Istanbul – The City’s Most Vibrant Area

Pera district in Istanbul is by far the city’s most vibrant area, and especially if you’re looking for a place where old and new blend in perfect harmony. If you book one of our classic Egypt and Turkey Tours, you will have the perfect opportunity to explore this fascinating part of the city because all our tours include some time in Istanbul.

Pera District in Istanbul - View of the Galata Tower

Pera District (Beyoglu) in Istanbul – View of the Galata Tower. Turkey.

The Pera district in Istanbul is the ideal place for those who want to take a break from a frantic sightseeing routine. Visiting underground cisterns; citadels; churches and mosques is awesome, but sometimes one just wants to something a little different.

Being right in the heart of the city, you also know that there are many nearby Turkey tourist attractions to see if you decide it’s time for some more picture taking activity. Having said all that, Pera district in Istanbul is a great part of the city to stroll around in, but be prepared to gain some weight because tempting eateries are everywhere.

Pera district in Istanbul – Arts; Entertainment And Nightlife

If you don’t really feel like exploring the Pera district in Istanbul, then you’ll be glad to know it’s also the heart of Istanbul’s art scene, and a visit to the Pera Museum is not too be missed. If you’re lucky, you might even be there while there’s a visiting art exhibition displaying the works of some of the world’s greatest masters.

Pera district in Istanbul also the heart and soul of Istanbul’s entertainment and nightlife scene, so plenty of opportunity awaits those who want to dance the night away.

A Brief History Of Pera

The Pera district of Istanbul is in actual fact not called Pera any longer, and it hasn’t been ever since Turkey became a republic in the 20th century. These days its official name is Beyoglu.

People have been living in the area since the time of Christ, and this has already been well documented. Later, as the Latin Empire of Constantinople grew, so too did Pera, and by 1204, Pera had become a formidable trade colony and a major base for traders arriving from Europe.

In 1348, the Genoese who had command of the area constructed one of the city’s most infamous landmarks, the Galata Tower. The Genoese remained in control of the area and later joined forces with the Byzantines when the Ottomans attacked Constantinople. Nonetheless, the Ottomans were victorious and conquered Constantinople, including Pera in 1453.

Although the Genoese that had fled the region were later allowed to return, they were never allowed to run Galata (Pera) as they had done before.

Our range of Egypt Turkey Tour Packages typically don’t include a tour of Pera. You can explore the area on your own, or we can include a guided tour of the area if requested.

Beyoglu During The Nineteenth Century

Beyoglu once again became immensely popular among European traders during the 19th century, and as a result, a number of embassies set up office in the area. This trend increased significantly and the area became home to a very large European population which in turn caused the Pera district in Istanbulit to become the most westernized part of Istanbul.

With the Europeans came western technology which further allowed the area to develop a great deal faster than other areas. For example, Pera district in Istanbul was the first to have a proper electrical supply and the first phone lines. It was also the first place to have tram lines and even an underground train, second only after London in Britain.

Shops; cafes; pubs and eateries were opening up everywhere, together with a number of highly respected schools. Today, some of the shops are still in operation, as are many of the schools. Some of the schools in the Pera district are seen as being among the country’s most prestigious.

Modern Times Have Not Been As Kind

Unfortunately, the Pera district in Istanbul started going into decline when the Ottoman Empire collapsed and Turkey became a republic. At the time, the world was at war, and this needless to say also contributed to the steady decline.

Internal fighting also contributed to the decline of the area, but in more recent times there’s been a huge and extremely successful drive to turn the area into one of Istanbul’s prime areas. Today tourists flock to the area once again, as do many locals. The area is well and truly alive, and it’s safe to say that anyone visiting will leave with very fond memories.

Tour Egypt And Turkey Your Way

You can take advantage of one of our many Egypt and Turkey Tours, most of which include some time in the Pera district in Istanbul. With, you can be sure you’ll have the holiday of your life.



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