8 Romantic Sights for Your Honeymoon in Egypt

No matter where you go in Egypt, there’s something romantic and magical about this ancient land, and with our masterfully crafted Egypt tour packages, lifetime memories are guaranteed. Sweeping views of sands that have seen the pyramids being built, beautiful waterways, amazing city skylines, and so much more make this land perfect for a honeymoon. Fall in love with Egypt as you explore each of these romantic sights, perfect for a date during your trip together.

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1. See a Performance at the Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House

Main Hall of the Cairo Opera House.

You don’t have be a music lover to appreciate the romance at the Cairo Opera House. This gorgeous main hall offers performances to audiences of 1,200 people, and there’s a second hall that seats 500 for smaller events. There is even an open-air theater styled like a Roman amphitheater! No matter which of the options you choose at the Cairo Opera Complex, you’ll be able to see and hear some of the most amazing performers in the country, and enjoy a night of fancy dress, fine atmosphere, and sophisticated taste.

Be sure to look up the latest performances and purchase tickets before you arrive so that you are ready for this romantic evening together.

2. Visit the “Slice of Europe” in Zamalek – and Take a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride!

Zamalek is often called a tiny slice of Europe right in Cairo. This area of the city is full of coffee shops, European pubs, restaurants, and greenery, which will make any Westerner feel like they are right at home. Of course, the romantic Cairo atmosphere is still present, mingled with the sights and sounds of home. This is a charming way to mix what you love with your exotic Egypt travel adventure.

For a special treat, pay just five Egyptian pounds for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through this neighborhood.

3. Go Parasailing at Na’ama Bay

Naama Bay

Naama Bay view from the sea.

Na’ama Bay is a hot spot for snorkeling and other water sports – but if you want to have a heart-pounding adventure together that makes you both feel alive, try parasailing. This gorgeous area is even more beautiful from the air. Below, you’ll see the beautiful coral reefs under the water, as well as the many umbrellas and al fresco dining spots for the restaurants right by the water’s edge.

You can find many other fun attractions nearby, but nothing will beat flying overhead and getting your adrenaline pumping with your loved one.

4. Rent a Felucca and Picnic on the Nile

Nile River in Cairo

The River Nile running past Zamalek Island with Cairo Tower.

There are also many opportunities for Nile River cruises through Egypt Tours Plus, but if you want an extra romantic activity during your stay in Cairo, you can also try your own hand at sailing. Pack your lunch and rent a felucca, to sail along the water. The most romantic time of day would be right at sunset, when the sky and the water both turn golden. In the lovely haze of twilight, you can play some soft music, enjoy your meal, and let the breeze cool you after a long day of exploring some of the best attractions in Cairo.

Bring along some tasty Cairo street food for maximum local flair.

5. Take a Walk on the Qasr El-Nil Bridge

The most famous historic bridge in Cairo is the Qasr El-Nil, also called the Khedive Ismail Bridge. This bridge was built in 1931, and links the Cairo Opera Complex to the Tahrir Square. Why not plan your evening at the opera to follow a stroll along this beautiful bridge? You won’t want to miss the photo opportunity with the famous lion statues at either end of the bridge, a detail by a French sculptor from the 1800s.

When you walk along this bridge, you are essentially in the central beating heart of Cairo, surrounded by the Nile, cultural locations like the Opera, and the busy energy of the city. It’s a fantastic way to take it all in at once and realize the romance that surrounds you.

6. Tour the Only Fish Garden in Cairo

Aquarium Grotto Garden in Cairo

Old car art installation in Aquarium Grotto Garden, Cairo.

The Aquarium Grotto Garden is a very interesting site to visit in Cairo. It’s not exactly what you’re thinking – although it used to be. The Aquarium Grotto Garden was once a beautiful haven, filled with stunning gardens and beautifully maintained fish ponds and aquariums. However, it has since been neglected, and is now a wilder tangle of overgrown plants, dry fountains, and empty aquarium tanks for the most part.

Why do we suggest this spot for a romantic date in Cairo? Primarily because of it’s strange, wonderland-like quality. Exploring this site still reveals hidden pockets of beauty, and the architectural design of the entire place is beautiful. It’s a lot of fun to get lost among the interlocking passages of the gardens while you explore together in a quiet park-like setting.

7. Go Book Shopping

Are you and your loved one a pair of book worms? Cairo is the place to be in Egypt. There are a great many tiny book stores, market stalls selling books, and quiet places to stop and read your new treasures together. Cairo has a vibrant literature scene, with book clubs in abundance, so there’s never a lack of second-hand reading material to be found.

Spend a day searching through shelves together, and you’ll come away with the perfect souvenirs from your Egyptian vacation. Plus, it’s a nice way to enjoy some time out of the punishing sun.

8. Go All Out with a Cruise of the Nile

Cruise ships docked at Kom Ombo Temple on the Nile

Cruise ships docked at Kom Ombo Temple on the Nile.

We can’t think of anything more romantic than a cruising down the  Nile, especially right at sunset. At Egypt Tours Plus, you can find many cruise options that you and your loved one will remember for years to come as the most romantic moment of your entire vacation. Dahabiya Nile cruises in particular are a truly fantastic choice for anyone who visits Egypt for their honeymoon. Watch the Egyptian scenery flow gently by from your perch on the boat, with fine dining, music, and more provided. This is perfect for capping off a grand adventure together.

No matter which one of our Egypt tour packages you choose, you’ll find that romance can be had around nearly every corner. These hot spots will make your vacation a dream come true.

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