Egyptian Museums

Embark on an indescribable journey of discovery that will bring you face to face with thousands of years of ancient Egyptian history. Explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx; wonder through vast temple complexes and visit the royal tombs of the ancient world’s great leaders.

Marvel at timeless churches; mosques and shrines, and travel back through time at the many Egyptian Museums. Discover Egypt’s history from the beginning of time all the way through to the present day with high quality, guided Egypt tour packages.

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Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo - Photo by richardavis

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo – The Finest Of Its Kind in the World

Discover the history of the Islamic world when you visit the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, rated as one of the world’s greatest museums of its kind.
Gayer Anderson Museum - Photo by Berthold Werner

Gayer Anderson Museum – The Art Museum in Sayyida Zeinab, Cairo

Marvel at Egypt’s best example of 17th-century Islamic architecture at the Gayer Anderson Museum, then step inside and enjoy a magical journey through time.
Coptic Museum in Cairo

Coptic Museum – The World’s Biggest Collection of Coptic Artifacts

Enjoy a magnificent journey through time at the Coptic Museum in Cairo as you marvel at the world’s largest collection of Egyptian Christian artifacts.
Museum of Modern Egyptian Art - Photo by Daniel Csorfoly

Museum of Modern Egyptian Art (aka Gezira Center for Modern Art)

Enjoy a peaceful and blissfully quiet stroll though the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in Cairo, and marvel at more than 10,000 modern works of art.
Throne Hall at Manial Palace of Prince Mohammed Ali Tewfik

Manial Palace – A Look at Royal Life in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Enjoy an unforgettable taste of how royalty lived during the 19th and early 20th century when you visit the splendid yet modest Manial Palace in Cairo.
Landscape of the Valley of the Golden Mummie

Valley of the Golden Mummies – An Ancient Home of the Dead

Experience the magic of the Sahara Desert; discover secrets revealed; explore picturesque oases, and set your imagination free in the Valley of the Golden Mummies.
Pupils and teacher, Mut Etnographic Museum

Mut Ethnographic Museum – A Fitting Tribute To Desert Life

Leave city life behind; head off into the vastness of the Sahara desert; visit Dakhla and explore Mut Ethnographic Museum for a surreal oasis experience.
Façade of the Badr Museum

Badr Museum – One Man’s Astonishing Gift To Farafra Oasis

One man’s extraordinary gift to the people of the Farafra Oasis, and all who pass by; medieval history recorded in art, and done entirely with natural desert resources - Badr Museum.
Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria National Museum – Good to Know Before You Go

Explore the wonderful Alexandria National Museum, and marvel at its select collection of ancient relics, historical art, and medieval weapons of long forgotten wars.
Luxor Museum Interior

Luxor Museum – A Select Display Of Fine Egyptian Antiquities

The Luxor Museum is nowhere near as big as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but it was never meant to be, choosing instead to display quality rather than quantity.
Entrance of the Nubian Museum in Aswan

The Nubian Museum – A Few Reasons Why You Should Visit

The Nubian Museum has been specifically created to help enlighten visitors about the crucial role this ancient civilization played during Egypt’s past.
Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Egypt

Memphis, Egypt – The Ancient Capital Of The Old Kingdom

Memphis in Egypt served as the country’s capital during the Old Kingdom. For this reason, many tourists see it as a great starting point of their vacation.
Architectural fragment of basilica in Al-Matariyyah (Heliopolis), Cairo

Al-Matariyyah – Once A Great City Of Grandeur, Now Forgotten

The city of Al-Matariyyah which lies in the northern region of Cairo is one of the country’s oldest cities, and was once renowned for its unrivalled beauty and grandeur.
Sarcophagus on display in the Luxor Museum of Mummification

Luxor Museum of Mummification – A Real Must-See Attraction

The Luxor Museum of Mummification is without question a real Must-See attraction that essentially showcases the ancient and fascinating art of mummification.