Marsa Alam, Egypt

Plunge yourself into a world were history, natural beauty and adventure are magically interwoven. Welcome to Marsa Alam, an amazing resort town located on the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. Enjoy breathtaking snorkeling and scuba diving in some of the world’s most renowned dive sites; explore an abundance of fascinating ancient Egyptian architecture, or simply relax on the region’s wonderful beaches.

With so much to offer, and amazing holiday resorts catering for all budgets, it’s easy to see why Marsa Alam is nowadays included in so many Egypt tour packages. Regardless of whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, whether you’re young or old, Marsa Alam has plenty for everyone.

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Marsa Alam Dive Sites

Marsa Alam Dive Sites

See the Red Sea from the best vantage point: underneath the surface! Marsa Alam Dive Sites are an internationally renowned experience.
Things to do in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Things to Do in Marsa Alam

Exploring ancient Egyptian architecture nearby or lounging around on the beach, there are endless things to do in Marsa Alam.
Travel to Marsa Alam

How to Travel to Marsa Alam

Learn "How to Travel to Marsa Alam", a rising Red Sea gem, offering pristine beaches, world-class diving, and unique desert adventures in this captivating guide.
Marsa Alam Tours

What Can You Do With Marsa Alam Tours?

Marsa Alam tours showcase this ever more popular resort, this is a luxury seaside resort where one is free to relax and indulge their adventurous side in the clean blue surf.
Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Travelers on Marsa Alam Diving Holidays can enjoy excellent, year round diving conditions with many sites available directly offshore.