How to Travel to Marsa Alam

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Travel to Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Marsa Alam used to be a small fishing village in Egypt, on the west coast of the Red Sea. In recent times, the village increased in popularity, eventually becoming a coastal town and a popular tourist attraction.

Many consider Marsa Alam a bit of a “rising star”, one with enough potential to become as popular as Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada in the coming years. There are two reasons for Marsa Alam’s immense popularity: its scuba diving activities, as well as its marine life. Since the resort area is located near the Tropic of Cancer and where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea, it has a startlingly beautiful appearance resembling a tropical paradise. Tourists can also expect to see spinner dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks.

Travel to Marsa Alam

Another one of Marsa Alam’s best features is its new International Airport, first built in 2001. This does allow quicker access directly to the coastal town. Theoretically, tourists from Europe could fly in from Munich or Frankfurt and land directly in Marsa Alam. (American tourists would do the same, first departing their home state and then traveling to Europe via an international airport) However, the Marsa Alam Airport is still somewhat small, and as late as 2007, only reports having one departure gate. Therefore, travel plans are often unavailable or delayed.

Most tourists want to visit other locations besides Marsa Alam, so they are usually willing to travel to another airport, such as Luxor International, Hurghada or Cairo and then take a bus ride to Marsa Alam. It might help you to think of Hurghada, Luxor and Marsa Alam like three “triangle corners” inside the Eastern Desert, as this will help you appreciate the relatively close proximity of each city to one another.

Upon Arrival in Marsa Alam

Once in Marsa Alam you have the choice of summoning a taxi for short rides throughout the area or walking the vicinity by foot.

There are some inland attractions to speak of, including the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais. Some tourists prefer to drive to these destinations by bus or cab, though others may prefer to bicycle their way to the attractions. No matter what you choose, it’s safe to say that you will enjoy your time spent at Marsa Alam. Not only is the town an active and friendly locale, it also boasts some breathtaking scenery that can just as easily be enjoyed by local bus riders.

Travel to Marsa Alam and experience this “small” resort before it grows into a major attraction.

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