What Can You Do With Marsa Alam Tours?

Marsa Alam tours showcase this ever more popular resort, this is a luxury seaside resort where one is free to relax and indulge their adventurous side in the clean blue surf.

Marsa Alam Tours

Marsa Alam Tours

You may occasionally see luxury tours with stops in Marsa Alam. While this small resort city is not exactly Cairo you may be surprised at how much it can offer a group of vacationers.

Interestingly, Marsa Alam was once a small fishing village in Egypt. However, ever since officials decided to focus on tourism, it has become one of the most popular destinations along the Red Sea Riviera. Why, this little city has even opened its own airport!

An Attractive Tropical Paradise

Why is Marsa Alam earning such a following of satisfied surf-worshipers? First understand that Marsa Alam is located near the Tropic of Cancer, the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea. These physical factors cause Marsa Alam to be a very attractive tropical paradise with beautiful palm trees, shining seacoasts and magnificent coral reefs. It is very popular with scuba divers for its high and well-defined diving sites. Tourists have also been very excited to see exotic marine life swimming about such as spinner dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks.

Popular Attractions in Marsa Alam

Speaking of wildlife it’s always fun to swim with dolphins. You can head over to Samadai Reef (or Dolphin House) and swim with about a 100 spinner dolphins. These dolphins are shy but still happy to play with nice tourists for many hours on end.

Wadi Gimal is nearby Marsa Alam and offers tourists the chance to see a National Protectorate full of wild gazelles. It should be advised to new tourists however that this is an unmapped area so it is best to take a local guide with you for escorted tours.

Other popular attractions in Marsa Alam include the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais.

Adventurous Desert Tours

What about luxury tours or budget tours in Marsa Alam? The best thing about being in this part of Egypt is that you can take some adventurous desert tours. There are also nature treks, historical rock carvings and camel rides. Tourists speak highly of various Bedouin oasis located nearby which serve Arabian tea. You can also entertain the gang (whether your family or a group of friends) with horseback riding activities and even motorcycle riding.

Nightlife in Marsa Alam

For nightclubbing activity you can find several bars, a few of which are disco clubs. Popular spots include the Mexican-themed disco Ciao Marsa as well as Planet Bedouin, which is a tent set up offering Oriental drinks, water pipes and belly dancing.

As you can see, Marsa Alam is a very nice mix of adventure, fun and sightseeing. Make sure that Marsa Alam is on your land tours list this vacation season!

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