Giza Pyramids Complex, Cairo

Giza Pyramids – The Famous Face Of An Ancient Civilization

Listed as one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Giza Pyramids Complex and Necropolis in Egypt are well and truly the face of an Ancient Civilization.
Abu Simbel Temples - Front view of Temple of King Ramses II

Abu Simbel Temples – Rock Carved Temples Of Ramesses II

The Abu Simbel Temples are two exceptionally fascinating rock-cut temples constructed during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses the Great in the 13th century BCE.
The Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings – 65 Ancient Tombs And Still Counting

The Valley of the Kings is a breathtaking sight filled with history, mystique and deep reverence. Come experience the power of the ancient kings of Egypt!
Tomb of King Tut in Valley of the Kings, Luxor

Tomb of King Tut – Egypt’s Most Loved Ancient Site By Far

Wherever you go in the world, you’re likely to find pictures and statues of Tutankhamen, so it’s hardly surprising that the tomb of King Tutankhamen is so popular
The Sacred Lake of Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple – Largest Religious Site Of The Ancient World

Karnak Temple is a vast collection of religious structures dating back more than four thousand years, and it is the oldest religious site of the ancient world.
Djosers Step Pyramid in Saqqara

Djoser Step Pyramid – One Of Egypt’s Most Famous Tombs

Built during the 27th century BC, Djoser Step Pyramid stands in the Saqqara necropolis which is located in Memphis, the capital of the Old Kingdom.
Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

The Egyptian Museum – The Amazing Museum of Antiquities

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, usually just called the “Egyptian Museum”, houses the world’s biggest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts.
The Bent pyramid, Dahshur Pyramids

Dahshur Pyramids – An Amazing Ancient Egyptian Royal Necropolis

The Dahshur Pyramids make up an ancient royal necropolis, located approximately 40 kilometers south of Cairo - the pyramids were built from 2613 – 2589 BC.
Edfu Temple of Horus

Edfu Temple – One Of Egypt’s Best Preserved Ancient Temples

Edfu Temple is a Greco-Roman temple constructed during the Ptolemaic dynasty, and it is without question one of the best preserved ancient temples in Egypt.
Philae Temple of Isis - the First Pylon

Philae Temple – A Relocated Ancient Temple Of Isis

Philae Temple is a well preserved ancient temple that was dedicated to the goddess Isis. It was built in 380 BC and then abandoned in the 6th century.