Is June a Good Time to visit Egypt?

June is in the heart of Egypt’s summer season which is notorious for sweltering heat. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful vacation in June, but you will need to plan your trip accordingly.

Is June a Good Time to visit Egypt


Is June a Good Time to visit Egypt?

June, July and August are the three summer months in Egypt, and as such, they are the hottest months of the year. Only July has hotter weather than June. June may not be the best time to go to Egypt, but with some proper planning you can still have an amazing time in Egypt if you visit in June.

Visiting in June also has certain advantages which we will cover in this post.

June Weather in Egypt

Egypt has long been known as a very hot country. However, the winter months can actually be quite cool, or even cold. The same cannot be said of the peak summer months which include June. During the hottest time of the day, the heat, and particularly in some parts of the country can be almost unbearable.

In places like the South Sinai Peninsula which is well known for its beach resorts such as Sharm El Sheikh, average daytime temperatures hover around 71°F to 72°F (about 21°C to 22°C). These temperatures are ideal for beach holidays. As surprising as it may seem, you can also enjoy cooler temperatures in cities like Cairo and Alexandria.

As you head further south, daytime temperatures increase dramatically, and especially in places like Luxor and Abu Simbel, both of which are home to some of Egypt’s most popular and most visited historical sites, including sites like the Abu Simbel Temple complex, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, and the Valley of Kings.

Unfortunately, in these areas you can expect scorching heat and daytime highs at Abu Simbel of around 105°F (about 40.5°C) or even higher in Luxor. As you might imagine, exploring historical attractions in this sort of heat, and in full sun, is not for everyone.

Regardless of where about in the country you are, if you visit Egypt in June, it is extremely important to stay well-hydrated and use a good quality sunscreen lotion with a SPF of at least 30+. These are thing you should do regardless of when you visit, but it is even more important if you visit during the peak of summer.

So, is June a good time to visit Egypt? Yes, but it depends on your reasons for visiting. In all truthfulness, June is a great time for a beach holiday at one of the South Sinai beach resorts. On the other hand, if you are longing to visit and explore the many ancient tourist sites in places like Luxor, then June is probably not the best time to visit unless you are confident that you will be able to handle the heat.

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Is June a Good Time to Visit Egypt for SCUBA Diving?

Absolutely! In fact June is considered to be the best time for SCUBA diving and/or snorkeling in Egypt. Egypt’s Red Sea coastline is home to some of the world’s best dive sites, attracting SCUBA diving enthusiasts from all around the world. With very pleasant daytime temperatures along the Red Sea coastline, and astonishing water clarity, June is a fantastic time for SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and a host of other water activities.

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During the cooler winter months, you often need to contend with huge hordes of tourists when visiting popular tourist sites. By the time June arrives, most tourists have left, and you can often have popular tourist sites more or less all to yourself, providing you are able to contend with the heat. This is great for photographing Egypt’s famous ancient sites because at least your photos won’t have huge crowds of tourists in the background.

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Costs of Visiting Egypt in June

Is June a good time to visit Egypt in terms of cost? Absolutely! If finding the best deals is important to you, then June is definitely an excellent time to visit Egypt. Everything that is tourism related costs less during the low season which includes the summer months. Hotel accommodation, Nile River cruises and even Egypt tour packages cost less during the low season which lasts from May to September. Many tour operators will also offer special deals during the summer months, making June a perfect time to visit if you want to save some money.


Where to Go during a June Visit to Egypt

There is no denying the fact that Egypt’s Red Sea coastline, is the best place to be if you visit Egypt in June. It is a great area to enjoy a relaxing beach holiday, swimming in the ocean or in your hotel’s pool. With pleasant temperatures and a near constant breeze blowing in off the ocean, it’s a perfect setting for relaxation and/or enjoying water activities like swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, to name just a few.

In contrast, places like Abu Simbel, Aswan and Luxor can be unbearably hot. If you can handle the extreme heat and you like the idea of uncrowded archaeological tourist sites, then by all means visit these places in summer. However, if extremely hot weather is not your thing, then these places are best avoided in June.

If sightseeing is your main reason for wanting to visit Egypt, then you should rather visit during the winter season or during one of the two shoulder seasons.

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