Red Sea Scuba Diving

Board a flight to Egypt and explore the ancient Giza Pyramids in Cairo; enjoy a luxury Nile River cruise, then make your way to the coast for some of the best Red Sea scuba diving opportunities imaginable.

Whether you choose to visit Hurghada; Sharm El Sheikh; El Gouna; Marsa Alam, or even secluded Dahab, you will discover an underwater paradise that will leave you with memories you’ll never forget. If you are passionate about diving, look for Egypt diving holidays that include at least a few days on the coast.

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Diving in El Gouna - View of coastline at El Gouna. Egypt

Diving in El Gouna

Diving in El Gouna is one of the resort's most popular draws and it is no surprise. Learn about it in pictures and words right here!
Diving in Dahab

Diving in Dahab

Do not miss this. Scuba Diving in Dahab is an experience you will relish forever and likely come back to repeat. Come see what information we have to share!
Marsa Alam Dive Sites

Marsa Alam Dive Sites

See the Red Sea from the best vantage point: underneath the surface! Marsa Alam Dive Sites are an internationally renowned experience.
Hurghada Diving - Bottlenose Dolphins Swimming, Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada Dive Sites

Hurghada diving is what sparked interest in this city as a tourist destination. It is some of the best to be had in Egypt or anywhere.
Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh

Diving in Sharm El Sheikh is a scuba diver's dream come true. Coral reefs and warm, clear waters invite you to take a plunge and see what's beneath the surface!
Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Marsa Alam Diving Holidays

Travelers on Marsa Alam Diving Holidays can enjoy excellent, year round diving conditions with many sites available directly offshore.
El Gouna Diving Holidays

Planning El Gouna Diving Holidays

Those who have arranged for El Gouna Diving Holidays will have access to a remarkable range of facilities and training to use in their Red Sea Riviera explorations.
Hurghada Diving Holidays

Enjoying Hurghada Diving Holidays

World class resorts and accommodations are available to anyone enjoying one of the many Hurghada Diving Holidays available.
Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays

Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays

Anyone interested in experiencing some of the finest diving and snorkeling conditions and sites in the world should explore the available Sharm El Sheikh Diving Holidays.
Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages

Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages – Ultimate Underwater Experience

When it comes to all-inclusive Red Sea diving holiday packages, no other tour operator is able to offer a better experience than Egypt Tours Plus.