Hurghada Dive Sites

Hurghada diving is what sparked interest in this city as a tourist destination. It is some of the best scuba diving to be had in Egypt or anywhere.

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Hurghada Diving - Bottlenose Dolphins Swimming, Hurghada, Egypt

The Red Sea Riviera

Along the Northeast coast of mainland Egypt lays one half of the area known as the Red Sea Riviera. This is a collection of towns and villages recognized for their upscale shopping, high quality hotels and most importantly their predominance of water sports and activities.

One of the most popular towns in this area of the Red Sea Riviera is Hurghada. The city is recognized as an international hot spot for aquatic activities, including sailing, fishing, and swimming, windsurfing and of course diving and snorkeling. The area is also known for its glass bottom boats that let those not eager to enter the waters still enjoy the wonders of the offshore “gardens”.

For those scuba diving in Hurghada the waters present some remarkable life and sights.

Shab El Erg and Shab Abu Nugar

The northernmost limit of Hurghada’s waters include Shab El Erg, a horseshoe shaped reef inhabited by a community of resident dolphins that many divers have spent up to a half-hour frolicking among. In that same general area is the little visited Gota Shab El Erg which is teeming with unique sea creatures such as moray eels, blue spotted rays and even white tipped sharks who rest in the sandy bottom of the waters.

Shab Abu Nugar is a popular area for Hurghada diving, where some difficult maneuvers can deliver experienced divers to nearly “virginal” waters where parrots and unicorn fish abound.

The Island of Umm Gammar

The island of Umm Gammar is also a popular haunt for those diving in Hurghada. The waters surrounding the island are all excellent opportunities for unique experiences.

Less experienced divers usually start at the shallow plateau located at the southern end of the island, while the east and west sides present challenges due to currents and drifts, but offer some of the most magnificent coral gardens in the area. The walls along these sides of the island also offer divers some cave opportunities, but these should only be explored by those with some experience.

Careless Reef

While the name of Careless Reef makes it sound like an easy and trouble free dive, in actuality this shallow plateau is an unprotected reef that is reachable only in the best weather. The reason for its popularity comes from the inhabitants of the reef including virtual acres of coral, fish of almost all varieties including giant moray eels, white tip reef sharks, huge schools of giant Groupers and even Hammerhead sharks for the early morning divers.

Hurghada diving continues to increase in popularity, and today it is a full service diving destination with charters, schools and a full range of alternative opportunities for visitors of all skill levels. Hurghada is a very popular add-on to many of our Egypt tours packages.

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