Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages – Ultimate Underwater Experience

Red Sea diving holiday packages in Egypt are incredibly popular since the Red Sea itself is teeming with life. From pristine waters to beautiful intact reefs, the area has become a global phenomenon among SCUBA divers and snorkelers alike. The Red Sea is definitely on the Top 5 Of Best Dive Experiences Worldwide.

Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages

Hawksbill Sea Turtle and Scuba Diver, Red Sea

Why Choose Red Sea Diving Holiday Packages?

The eastern Red Sea coastal areas and portions of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt are among the most popular and most famous dive locations in the world because the conditions are superior to almost anywhere else. Red Sea diving holiday packages have become incredibly popular as a result, and their popularity continues to grow year on year.

Some of the most popular towns for enjoying Red Sea scuba diving vacations include Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

The region was once a bit controversial due to the military conflicts between Egypt and Israel over the Sinai Peninsula. However, more than thirty years have passed since the two countries have signed their historic peace agreement. This agreement saw the Israeli army withdraw completely and there has been no conflict ever since. Today the area is home to plenty of resorts, and it features prominently in many Red Sea diving holiday packages.

Visitors to the area can choose from a wide range of options with regards to accommodation, dining, activities and many other amenities. For most visitors however, the primary focus tends to be on the outstanding diving opportunities.

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The land forms the water into two long fingers stretching northward into the Gulfs of Aqaba and Suez and heading south towards Saudi Arabia and Sudan.

It is the Egyptian coastal areas that provide the best, and most protected diving conditions.  It is also where you’ll find the very best resorts where guests can arrange a variety of exciting all-inclusive package tours and excursions.

All Inclusive Red Sea Diving Adventures

What does “all inclusive” mean? Generally, those who book our Red Sea diving holiday packages will be able to stay in a somewhat luxurious environment where all meals, accommodation, travel and gear are available for their use.

This means that a family with several children could visit the area, and while the parents were learning how to snorkel or scuba dive, the children would be enjoying a comprehensive kid’s club with games, activities and meals available.

In addition to meeting a family or couple’s needs, all inclusive accommodation will also help those on Red Sea diving holiday packages get their certification. This is essential if you really want to experience the amazing diversity of life and scenery in the surrounding waters.

Know What You Want

Conditions vary from region to region, and not all sites are readily or easily accessible from every resort area. For this reason, anyone planning a Red Sea diving holiday should take a bit of time to determine which dive sites or snorkeling areas they wish to see, and then choose an Egypt vacation package based on that information.

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Planning a Red Sea Diving Excursion

Many visitors to Egypt’s eastern coast and Sinai Peninsula take in a few days of snorkeling and scuba diving along with some great sightseeing. At Egypt Tours Plus we offer world class Red Sea diving holiday packages, and like all our tours, they can be tailored to your individual requirements.

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