Colored Canyon Egypt – A Hidden Gem In The Sinai Mountains

Colored Canyon Egypt, which is located in the Sinai mountain range, is an incredibly popular location for hiking and trekking, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world every year. Read on to find out more about this fascinating region of Egypt.

Colored Canyon Egypt - Dahab, Sinai

Resting area at the Colored Canyon Egypt near Dahab, Sinai.

Egypt is by all accounts a land of contrasts – the “red land” and the “black land”; the white sands and brilliant blue skies; the soft curve of the dunes, and the perfect angles of the pyramids. A region that is considered to be a vast, unbroken range of desert plains and arid mountains, are the central and coastal areas of the Sinai Peninsula.

Interestingly enough however, this region is also home to one of the most unique natural features in Egypt: The Colored Canyon. The Colored Canyon in Egypt is essentially the result of ancient ocean activity across the now parched peninsula.

The History of Colored Canyon Egypt

Colored Canyon, Egypt.

Colored Canyon, Egypt.

If you were to travel millions of years back in time, you would find that the Sinai Peninsula lay hidden beneath the surface of the Red Sea, and as the waters receded, they carved out massive grooves in the surface of the land, resulting in what is today known as the Colored Canyon, Egypt.

The canyon provides visitors with the striking evidence of this timeless natural activity, and it also illustrates the composition of the canyon walls, which are primarily a combination sandstone and limestone appearing in a wide variety of shades, colors and hues.

Hiking and Trekking In the Canyon

Hiking and Trekking - Colored Canyon Sinai (Dahab), Egypt

Hiking in the Colored Canyon, Egypt.

Modern day hikers and backpackers have been trekking through the Sinai desert and mountains for decades already, with most of them following the exact same routes used by ancient tradesmen; pilgrims and locals.

Some of these “wadis” or canyons can however be very difficult to locate or reach, but the Colored Canyon is easily accessible by car from both Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh and Taba.

Once you have gone as far as you can go in a vehicle, you will find that it is only a short walk before you get into the hills.

Colored Canyon Egypt is an extremely popular location for photography enthusiasts, and this is of course due to its contrasting textures of rugged and softly formed stones, and numerous depths of color and sheen.

Some areas of the Colored Canyon reach over sixteen stories in height, providing dramatic effects in terms of light and shadow, and giving the entire location an incredibly mysterious and ancient atmosphere.

The nearest town to the Colored Canyon in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is the town of Nuweiba. Hardly surprising, this is only a small town compared to some of the other towns along the “Red Sea Riviera” but it is a great place to find very knowledgeable local Bedouin guides who are more than happy to provide visitors with informative tours of the canyon and its surrounding areas.

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