White Desert Tours – Discover A World Like No Other

White Desert Tours introduce travelers to one of Sahara Desert’s most notable areas. Once covered by the ocean, then a savanna region teaming with fauna and flora, and now a barren landscape occupied by an almost infinite number of alien-like rock formations.

White Desert Tours - Chalk formations

Why Choose White Desert Tours in Egypt?

While some remarkable, man-made sites seem to rise from the sands of Egypt, such as the Sphinx, the many pyramids, temples and structures of the ancient Egyptians, and the marvel that is the Fayoum Oasis constructed over three thousand years ago, there is one area that is completely natural and utterly breathtaking. The White Desert is a naturally occurring collection of chalk and limestone boulders that have been worn away by eons of desert winds and geological activity.

White Desert tours are on most “to do” lists for those visiting the western Sahara Desert region of Egypt. Near to the Farafra Oasis, which is actually the smallest of the five major oases in Egypt, the White Desert is a popular destination for native Egyptians who take school and camping trips in the unique location.

The desert is also close to many other popular natural attractions of this area, including the Black Desert and Crystal Mountain, and many visitors to the oases will make a day trip to include all of them.

Visit at Sunrise or Sunset

Many guides encourage their clients to visit the White Desert at either sunrise or sunset, or by the light of a full moon if possible. This is for several reasons, the first being that though the desert has an almost arctic appearance, it is nonetheless the Western Desert, or “Saharan Desert”, a location that is extremely hot for a majority of the year. Secondly, the brilliant white and cream colors of the stones are best seen in the less direct, and warmer, light of the early or late day hours.

Finally, most visitors on White Desert tours come to take photographs, and the morning and dusk hours are universally considered times of “sweet light” where the most successful images are captured.

Just as with all Egypt tours, White Desert tours are best enjoyed in the company of knowledgeable and experienced local guides who are amply supplied for the needs of a desert journey.

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