Budget Tours To Egypt

Budget tours don’t put any restrictions on the amazing array of sights and attractions that a traveler to Egypt can enjoy. To the contrary, tourists traveling on a budget can still explore the finest historical sites and even visit other destinations outside of Egypt, such as Petra in Jordan. Do remember, though, that all our Egypt tours packages can be “downsized” to fit your exact wishes.

Budget Tour of Egypt

7 Day Budget Tour of Egypt: Cairo - Luxor

Buckle up for a rollercoaster ride though thousands of years of history left behind by an ancient civilization – Get ready for a 7 Day budget tour of Egypt.
Egypt Jordan Budget Tour

10 Day Egypt Jordan Budget Tour

Visit two countries; discover many cultures, and explore countless ancient temples; tombs; pyramids and even a lost city – 10 Day Egypt Jordan budget tour.
Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

10 Day Cairo and Nile Cruise Package

A quality 10 Day Cairo and Nile Cruise Package tour featuring the best attractions in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan - a perfect blend of adventure and luxury.