15 Day Egypt, Jordan and Dubai Tour

Egypt, Jordan and Dubai Tour

Enjoy non-stop adventure with a masterfully created 15-day Egypt, Jordan, Dubai Tour – An Egypt and Jordan tour which take you through the heart of Ancient Egypt; the timelessness of Jordan, and the magnificence of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Stand before the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx; wonder around ancient temples, and stroll among the royal tombs of pharaohs.

Experience the magic of an epic Nile cruise; then head for Jordan to explore the ancient ruins of Jerash; the Lost City of Petra and more before boarding your flight to Dubai. Enjoy a traditional half day tour of Dubai and end your day with a fairytale dinner cruise in the breathtaking Dubai Marina. Embark on a full day tour to Abu Dhabi and spend the last active day of your tour enjoying a desert safari and a delicious BBQ dinner in the desert under the stars before returning home with unforgettable Middle East tour memories.

Egypt and Jordan Tours

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Egypt, Jordan and Dubai Tour