Do I Need a Visa to Visit Egypt from US?

U.S. citizens and others traveling on a US passport need a visa to enter Egypt. Visas can be applied for prior to travel or you can get a visa on arrival at any international airport in Egypt.

If you are an American citizen, or if you have an American passport, you really have nothing to worry about as far as a visa is concerned. Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about visiting Egypt from the USA.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Egypt from US

Passport Requirements

First and foremost, in order to visit Egypt from US, you need to have a valid passport. Not only must your passport be valid, but it should also have at least 6-months validity remaining. At the very least, your passport should be good for no less than 6 months after your planned dated of departure from Egypt.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Egypt from US?

Yes, as we have already mentioned, U.S. citizens and others who  are travelling on an American passport need a valid visa in order to visit Egypt. However, getting your Egypt visa could not be any easier than it already is, and the same applies to Canadian citizens and/or those travelling on a Canadian passport.

When it comes to getting your visa to visit Egypt from US, you have three available options:

Egyptian Embassy or Egyptian Consulate

Entry visas for Egypt can be applied for and obtained from your nearest Egyptian embassy or Egyptian consular office. Simply visit the embassy or consulate, fill out the appropriate visa application form, pay the processing fee and then you should be able to collect your passport, along with your visa a few days later.

Apply for an Electronic Visa

U.S. citizens are now able to apply for Egypt entry visas online. The process is quick, easy, and far more convenient than applying for a visa in person at an Egyptian Embassy.

In order to apply for what is known as an Egypt E-Visa, you will need to visit the official Egyptian E-Visa portal and set up an account. After completing the registration process, you will receive a confirmation email and then you log in to your account.

Choose which visa you want and then simply follow the instructions provided. As of the time of writing, two types of e-Visa were available:

  • Single Entry Tourist Visa – US$25
  • Multiple Entry Tourist Visa – US$60

Once you have completed the visa application form you will need to pay the processing fee / visa fee as shown above. You can pay using your credit card or debit card. While processing can take up to 7 days, most applicants receive an approval email within 3 working days or even on the same day.

When you receive your approval email, log into your e-Visa account where you will now find your Egypt visa in PDF format. Download and print your visa. When you land at Cairo International Airport, or any other international Egyptian airport, simply present your printed visa to one of the immigration officers.

Egypt Visa on Arrival

U.S. citizens and others travelling on U.S. passports are also able to obtain an Egypt visa on arrival at any of the country’s international airports. To get an Egypt visa on arrival, you will need to stand in line at one of the kiosks you will pass after disembarking from your flight.

When it is your turn, simply fill out the application form and pay the fee, which at the time of writing was US$25. Visas on arrival are Singly Entry tourist visas which allow you to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days. Be aware that you have to pay in US Dollars, and you need to pay cash. Once you have paid for your visa, you will then be given a sticker that you attach to your passport which you then present to one of the immigration officials.

Egypt and Dual Citizenship

Do I need a visa to visit Egypt from US if I have American/Egyptian dual citizenship? Dual citizenship has been allowed in Egypt since 2014. Technically, if you have American/Egyptian dual nationality, you could travel to Egypt on an Egyptian passport, in which case you would not need a visa to visit Egypt from the USA.

If you are living and working fulltime in America, it is generally better to visit Egypt as an American traveller travelling on an American passport. This will also make things a lot easier for you if for any reason you need assistance from the U.S. Embassy. In short, the U.S. government is not always able to offer consular services or assistance to dual citizens who have entered Egypt on the Egyptian passport.

Do I Need a Visa to Visit Egypt from US if I am Not American?

The citizens of nearly every country in the world need a valid visa to visit Egypt. If you are not from one of the very few “visa exempt” countries like Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, you will need a visa to visit Egypt.

Are There Any Visa-Free Options

Yes, the Egyptian government allows U.S citizens and the citizens of numerous other countries to visit the southernmost part of the Sinai Peninsula without a visa. Instead of a visa, you can get a free entry stamp when you land at the airport in Sharm El-Sheikh. This visa-free entry stamp allows you to stay in Egypt for up to 14 days.

If you enter Egypt by this means, you are not permitted to leave the Sinai Peninsula. You are also not allowed to travel beyond the Sharm El-Sheikh perimeter barrier that separates Sharm El-Sheikh from South Sinai and North Sinai.

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