How Far Is Egypt from Israel?

The flight distance for a direct flight from Cairo International Airport and Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv is roughly 244 miles, and takes around 1h 25m.

How Far Is Egypt from Israel

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How Far Is Egypt from Israel?

The above figures are based on the assumption that you fly with EgyptAir which is one of only a very small number of airlines offering direct flights from Egypt to Israel.

If you are planning to visit Israel after Egypt, and you intend flying from Cairo to Tel Aviv, you should be aware that there are only a very limited number of direct non-stop flights each week. EgyptAir is more often than not the only airline offering direct non-stop flights between the two cities. As of the time that this post was being written, the airline was only operating two direct flights each week, every Saturday and every Sunday.

So, how far is Egypt from Israel by plane? As mentioned earlier, if you get a direct flight, you are looking at a distance of around 244 miles, with a flight time of around 1h 25min. However, if you book an indirect flight, the distance from Egypt to Israel can be considerably further and overall travel time considerably longer, depending on what route your flight follows.

While Egypt has a number of international airports, Israel essentially only has one, and that is the Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv. As a result, if you are going to be traveling from Egypt to Israel by air, you should know that your flight is going to land in Tel Aviv.

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Cairo to Jerusalem by Air and Road

How far is Egypt from Israel (Jerusalem) if you fly from Cairo to Tel Aviv and then travel to Jerusalem by road? As we now know, the direct distance by air is 244 miles, while the distance by land transport from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ranges from 41 to 51 miles (66 to 82 kilometers), depending on which route you take.

So, what is the total distance in miles from Cairo to Jerusalem by air and by road? Assuming you book a direct flight from Cairo to Tel Aviv, and assuming you take the shortest route from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (Route 1), you will be looking at a total distance of around 285 miles, which is just less than 460 kilometers.

How Far is Egypt from Israel by Road?

How far is Egypt from Israel in miles if you travel by road? Flying is of course the quickest and most convenient way to travel between Egypt and Israel, but road travel remains a very popular choice and of course, also a cheaper option.

The distance between Egypt and Israel by road depends on where about in Egypt you’re setting out from, and where you’re intend crossing into Israel.

The border crossing at Egypt’s northern border with Israel and the Gaza Strip is considered unsafe for tourists due to the volatile security situation. As of the time of writing, the Egyptian authorities and the Egyptian Armed Forces were not allowing foreigners to travel through North Sinai, essentially preventing foreigners from traveling to Egypt’s northern border with Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Foreign tourists who want to travel from Egypt to Israel by road will instead have to use the Taba border crossing. Besides safety reasons, crossing from Egypt into Israel via the Taba / Eilat border crossing is by far the most practical option.

From Cairo to Taba

The shortest distance by road from Cairo to the Taba border crossing is approximately 258 miles (about 415 km) and takes roughly 5h. This border crossing links Taba in Egypt to Eilat in Israel.

From Eilat to Jerusalem

The shortest distance by road (Route 40) from the Israeli border town of Eilat to Jerusalem is about 212 miles (about 340 km) with the drive taking roughly 4h under ideal conditions.

So, how far is Egypt from Israel if you travel by road from Cairo to Jerusalem using the shortest routes? To calculate this, we simply need to add the distance from Cairo to Taba, to the distance from Eilat to Jerusalem. This will give us a total distance of around 470 miles (about 756 km). 

Under ideal conditions, the drive should take anywhere from 9 to 9.5h, But don’t expect driving conditions to be ideal, and especially not in Cairo with its notorious traffic congestion.

Cairo to Jerusalem by Bus

First up, there are no buses that run directly from Cairo to Jerusalem. However there are a number of services that offer trips from Cairo to Jerusalem, traveling via the Taba / Eilat border crossing. Not all services follow the same route so travel times and travel distances can and do vary from one operator to the next.

On average, the distance should be in the vicinity of 470 to 500 miles, and expect the journey to take around 12h 40min, including transfers.

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