Can you Travel from Jordan to Israel?

Yes, there is nothing stopping you from traveling from Jordan to Israel. While most people fly from Amman in Jordan to Tel Aviv in Israel, you can also enter Israel via land border crossings.

Can you Travel from Jordan to Israel

View of Eilat in Israel from Jordan


Can you Travel from Jordan to Israel?

Many people who visit Jordan also visit Israel, although some only visit Jerusalem and perhaps, Bethlehem. In fact, many people begin their journey in Egypt. If, for example, you are going to be traveling all the way from the United States, then why not visit one or more countries in the region.

Our own Egypt and Jordan tour packages have proven to be immensely popular, and especially those which also feature Israel.

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Passport and Visa Requirements

You will need a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining, and at least one blank page for each country you intend visiting.

If you are only going to be visiting Jordan and Israel, you will need a Jordanian visa and an Israeli visa. If you are also going to be visiting Egypt, then you will also need a tourist visa for Egypt.

The citizens of many countries, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and all European Union member states, can you get a tourist visa on arrival in Jordan and Israel, and also in Egypt.

Travel Medical Insurance

Can you travel from Jordan to Israel without any medical insurance? No, you cannot. Jordan and Israel’s entry requirements stipulate that all visitors must have travel medical insurance.

In May 2022, the Jordanian government amended the country’s entry requirements, making medical travel insurance mandatory for anyone wishing to visit the country. This has been a long-standing entry requirement in Israel. Regardless of whether you fly from Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, or whether you enter the country via a land border crossing, you must be able to show proof of having a travel medical insurance policy.

In the case of Israel, your policy must also clearly state that it covers the cost of medical care relating to COVID-19. We recommend getting coverage equivalent to around $50,000. We also recommend that you look for a policy that includes medical evacuation insurance in case you unexpectedly have to return home for emergency medical treatment during your trip.

How to Travel from Jordan to Israel

You have two options: by air or by road. As is to be expected, flying from Amman to Tel Aviv is certainly the most convenient option. If you intend being in Israel for any length of time, then this would be the option which we would recommend.

If, on the other hand, you only want to visit Jerusalem, and perhaps Bethlehem, Then it would probably be best to travel by road and enter Israel via a land border crossing. There are three land border crossings linking Jordan and Israel:

  • Yitzhak Rabin Crossing
  • Allenby/King Hussein Bridge
  • Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

If you are wondering how to get from Jordan to Israel, solely to visit Jerusalem and maybe Bethlehem, your best bet would be to travel by road and enter Israel via the Allenby / King Hussein Bridge border crossing.

There are regular buses, including tour buses that travel from Amman to the border crossing. You can of course also take a taxi or hire a private vehicle and driver. 

Once you reach the Sheikh Hussein Crossing, you will need to clear Jordanian immigration and then take a taxi or shuttle bus across to the Israeli terminal. Be warned, Israeli immigration officers are notoriously strict and meticulous.

After clearing Israeli immigration procedures, you can then take a taxi to Jerusalem or catch a bus to Jerusalem central bus station.

If you are looking for the most convenient and most hassle-free option, consider booking a tour package. Providing you book your tour through a reputable travel agent, you won’t need to worry about planning your journey from Jordan to Israel because accommodation and transport will already have been arranged.

Entry and Exit Passport Stamps

Can you travel from Jordan to Israel without getting any Israeli stamps in your passport? To begin with, having an Israeli stamp in your passport is not a problem other than when trying to enter a very small number of countries, none of which are popular tourist destinations.

Still, if you are concerned about having an Israeli stamp in your passport, you need not be. If you fly from Jordan to Israel, you will not get any Israeli stamps in your password. Likewise, if your cross over from Jordan to Israel via the King Hussein / Allenby border crossing, you also won’t receive any Israeli stamps in your password. Instead, you will be given a piece of paper which serves as your visa. You are required to carry this piece of paper on your person, along with your password, at all times. If you get stopped at a checkpoint at any time, you will need to be able to show this slip of paper to the Israeli authorities.

Jordan to Israel and Back to Jordan

Can you go from Jordan to Israel and then return to Jordan using your original Jordanian visa. Yes you can, but only if you exit and reenter the country via the King Hussein Bridge crossing.

When you exit Jordan on your way to Jerusalem, Jordanian immigration officers will not put an exit stamp in your passport. Instead, they will give you a separate piece of paper with an exit stamp on it. On returning to Jordan via the same border crossing, simply hand your passport, along with the stamped piece of paper to one of the Jordanian immigration officials.

So, you can easily visit Jerusalem from Jordan without having to pay twice for a Jordanian visa, or having to pay extra for a multiple entry visa.

NOTE: Even though you won’t have to pay twice for a Jordan visa, you will still need to pay the mandatory exit tax when you leave Jordan. So, if you travel from Jordan to Israel and then back to Jordan before you fly back home, you will pay the mandatory exit fee twice. There is also a mandatory Israeli exit fee when you leave Israel.

Final Summary

Can you travel from Jordan to Israel? Yes, you most certainly can, and it’s a lot easier and more affordable than what many people might think. If you want to visit several places in Israel, then we would recommend that you fly from Amman to Tel Aviv.

If, on the other hand, you only want to visit Jerusalem to see it’s world famous religious sites, then we would recommend traveling by road via the King Hussein Allenby border crossing.

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