Can You Visit the Pyramids from Hurghada?

Yes, you can visit the pyramids from Hurghada by bus, taxi, tour bus, ferry and car, or by air and road. Your easiest and most convenient option would be to book a private pyramids tour from Hurghada.

Can You Visit the Pyramids from Hurghada?

The Great Pyramids of Giza – Khufu’s on the right and Cheops’s on the left, Giza Plateau, Egypt


Can You Visit the Pyramids from Hurghada?

Most people who visit Egypt enter the country via Cairo International Airport. They spend their first one or two days in the country visiting places like the Giza Pyramids, the Egyptian Museum, and the famous Khan el-Khalili bazaar before heading to places like Hurghada which is an immensely popular coastal resort.

With the above having been said, it is worth noting that some flights fly directly from Europe to a Hurghada. So, can you visit the pyramids from a Hurghada? Yes you can, and in fact, many people do.

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From Hurghada to the Pyramids by Road

The road distance from Hurghada to the Pyramids of Giza is approximately 473 km (about 294 miles). There are several travel agencies in Hurghada that offer day trips to the Giza Pyramids on tour buses. Before you book one of these tours, you should know that the drive from Hurghada to the Giza Plateau on the outskirts of the Egyptian capital takes 7 to 8 hours. This means that you will be spending anywhere from 14 to 16 hours on a tour bus.

If you can afford to pay a little bit more, we would strongly suggest that you consider booking a private day trip from Hurghada to Cairo by car. A full-day private tour to the Giza Pyramids will more often than not also include a visit to places like the Egyptian Museum and the Khan el Khalili bazaar. It will also include a deluxe air-conditioned vehicle & driver, and an Egyptologist guide.

Private tours cost more than group tours but they are considerably more comfortable, and also more flexible. For example, if you decide that you would like to go for an optional camel ride around the pyramids, it won’t be a problem if you have booked a private tour. Group tours, on the other hand, have a very rigid schedule.

Pyramids of Giza from Hurghada by Air

Can you visit the pyramids from Hurghada by air? Yes, you can book a full-day tour to Cairo from Hurghada by plane. A tour like this typically has an overall duration of around 14 hours from the time you leave your hotel in Hurghada, until the time you get back to your hotel. It will include private transfers, private air conditioned transport in Cairo, and a professional Egyptologist guide.

Thanks to the short flight times, you will also get to visit a number of other tourist attractions after your visit to the Pyramids of Giza, including the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, the Hanging Church of Cairo, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the 12th-century Cairo Citadel, and Cairo’s centuries-old Khan Al-Khalili bazaar.

If you want to undertake this trip independently without working through a tour operator, you will most likely have to book into a hotel in Cairo for the night, or visit fewer places before returning to Hurghada.

Pyramids Tours from Hurghada

Even if you fly from Hurghada to Cairo and then back to Hurghada, your visit to the Pyramids of Giza is going to take no less than 12 to 14 hours. For a far more relaxed experience, we recommend that you choose an option that allows you to spend one night at a hotel in Cairo, Such as our 2-Day Cairo Tour from Hurghada

With our two-day Cairo tour from Hurghada, you are met at your hotel, you are transferred to Hurghada Airport, and when you land in Cairo one of our Egyptologist tour guides and one of our drivers will be there to meet you. You are then taken to see the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. After your visit to the pyramids, you then go and have lunch at a good local restaurant, after which you head to the famous Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqara.

On your second day, you will visit other famous landmarks in Cairo, including places like the Egyptian Museum, the 12th-century Cairo Citadel, and etc. After your tour, you are then transferred to Cairo Airport for your flight back to Hurghada. These are all private sightseeing tours that include all airport and hotel transfers and transport during your tours in Cairo.

From Hurghada to the Giza Pyramids by Bus and Taxi

Can you visit the pyramids from Hurghada without booking a tour? Yes you can, but you won’t really save much money, and the trip is going to take considerably longer. If you choose this option, you will need to get on a bus from Hurghada to Cairo, then take another bus or take the Metro to the Giza plateau, and then take a taxi to the Giza Pyramids. Don’t forget, the bus ride from Hurghada to Cairo will take at least seven hours. This might be your cheapest option but it is certainly not the most convenient or the most enjoyable option.

The Best Way to Visit the Pyramids from Hurghada

Can you visit the pyramids from Hurghada on your own without booking a tour? Yes you can but you will need to plan your trip carefully, and especially if you want to avoid spending a night in a hotel in Cairo.

Booking professionally-designed tours is by far the least stressful and most hassle-free option.

Visit the Pyramids from Hurghada in Comfort and Style

At Egypt Tours Plus, we have an epic range of Egypt tour packages, including high quality private guided tours from Hurghada. Whether you want to visit the pyramids and other popular attractions in the Egyptian capital, stroll through the valley of Kings in Luxor, or whether you want to explore the desert around Hurghada on camels or quad bikes, you can find exactly what you’re looking for right here on our website.

Contact us now to begin planning your trip to the Land of the Pharaohs, or even to book your dream vacation today.


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