Daraw Camel Market – Different, Unique And Fascinating

The Daraw Camel Market in Aswan is a place every tourist should try to visit if they’re in the area. Countries like Egypt are famous for their vibrant markets that attract scores of faithful shoppers every day, but this market really isn’t just another market. It also not a place you will see featured in many of our Egypt tour packages but we can add it to any one of our itineraries upon request.

Camel traders at the Daraw Camel Market in Aswan

Camel traders at the Daraw Camel Market in Aswan.

One of the first things you’re likely to notice when visiting countries like Egypt, is the prevalence of large markets. Sure, in the larger cities people are slowly but surely shifting away from traditional markets, and they’re increasingly relying on modern day shopping malls for their daily requirements. Nonetheless, traditional markets still reign supreme, and as many tourists can attest to, they are great places to visit.

One very interesting market in Egypt, and especially if you are in search of some a little bit different, is the Daraw Camel Market. Yes, Egypt does in fact have a market that is dedicated entirely to the trading of camels. With so many other amazing Aswan tourist attractions, why would anyone want to visit this camel market? Simply because it is a totally unique experience.

Why The Need For A Camel Market

The camel has been held in high regard for countless centuries already, simply because it has served so many purposes throughout history. Even to this day, the camel is known as the “Ship of the Desert” since they are still used for transporting passengers and cargo across the desert sands on either side of the Nile. Camels are also an important source of food, given the fact that many people routinely use camel’s milk and camel’s meat in order to survive.

As a result of this, it’s perfectly understandable that there is a very real need for some sort of market where people can go to in order to buy and sell such valuable animals, and for those in the area near Aswan, it is the Daraw Camel Market to which they turn.

If you’re visiting Aswan, then you’ll find that it’s very easy to go on a tour of the Daraw Camel Market, given that it’s only short distance southeast of the city itself. Visitors should however bear in mind that the market only opens on one day each week – Tuesdays beginning at 6 AM. The market is literally the world’s largest gathering of camels, but there’s even more reason to visit.

Daraw really is a great place to visit if you are interested in seeing (and even meeting) nomadic people, Bedouin, and other travelers interested in this impressive site. You will get to see true Middle Eastern bargaining and negotiation at its finest as the traders vie for the best prices on the animals.

Visiting Daraw Camel Market

If you intend visiting the fascinating Daraw Camel Market, you should allow roughly five or six hours for the tour of the market, and the drive to and from Aswan. Remember, as with all large markets, a visit to Daraw is not totally risk free. While it is certainly a very safe place for tourists, it’s still advisable not to carry precious documents such as passports and so on in unprotected ways.

Any place that attracts a large gathering is likely to attract opportunistic thieves. Keep a close eye on any costly photographic gear you might be carrying. Lastly, remember to wear comfortable shoes, and clothing which is socially acceptable.

Useful Tips To Keep In Mind

Not all Egypt tour packages include a visit to the market, but there are many tour companies offering day trips to the Daraw Camel Market from Aswan, and this may be the wisest option. Often these tours include a guide who will help you to make purchases and who can explain all that you are seeing.

Do remember, however, that this is also a meat market and if you are an animal advocate this is not the place to begin expressing your feelings about animal activism. Though you may feel you have morality on your side, this is not an appropriate place to argue your point as it would be offensive to most of the traders attending.

The camel market is an old tradition and is one that supplies thousands with their way of life. It is a fascinating and truly Egyptian experience that cannot be found anywhere else. If you have a free day, or even just a few free hours, in Aswan, you definitely want to make plans to visit this event.

Dreaming Of Visiting Egypt?

Are you dreaming of visiting the fascinating city of Aswan, and enjoying a trip to the Daraw Camel Market while you’re there? We offer a huge range of high quality tour packages and also many fantastic Nile River cruises, and if you can’t find the sort of tour you are looking for on our site, just get in touch with us and together we can work on creating to travel package which meets your needs perfectly.

If you are contemplating booking one of our Niles cruises from Aswan to Luxor, or one of our Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan, we could easily take you to see the camel market, either before or after your cruise.

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