17 Day Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kenya Tour

Egypt Dubai Abu Dhabi Kenya Tour

Enjoy affordable extravagance with our epic 17-Day Egypt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kenya Tour that takes you through the heart of Ancient Egypt, exploring the best sites in Cairo; Luxor; Edfu; Kom Ombo, and Aswan; an unforgettable journey that comes complete with a magical Nile River cruise. Head to Dubai and enjoy a high quality heritage tour of the city; a Dubai Creek Dinner cruise, and a BBQ dinner under the desert night sky.

Take a ay trip to Abu Dhabi, the fly to Nairobi, and feel all your worries fading away. Visit the famous Maasai National Park; the Nakuru National Park and the Aberdare National Park, all of which are teaming with African wildlife including Africa’s world famous Big 5 and so much more. There has never been a better time to lose yourself in Paradise, and expert guides will see to it that your experience is more rewarding than ever.

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