8-Day Abu Simbel Sun Festival 2024 Tour

Abu Simbel Sun Festival

Join us this year for the Abu Simbel Sun Festival 2024 in Egypt, and witness a spectacular event unfold deep inside the ancient temple of King Ramses; an event which only occurs twice every year. Only on these 2 days is the sun able to penetrate the temple’s Sanctum Sanctorum to illuminate 3 of the 4 statues within, leaving the 4th, the god of darkness, in the dark.

These Nile cruise holidays also include a tour in Cairo to see the Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and more. Enjoy the festival at Abu Simbel, followed by a Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor with plenty of sightseeing from beginning to end – Egypt tour packages which are truly beyond belief.

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Last Updated on April 29, 2024