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Dubai Oman Tours are designed to thrill; designed to excite, and most of all, designed to please. Our flawless Dubai and Oman tour packages are all you could ever want them to be, and a whole lot more. Enjoy fascinating city tours in Dubai and Oman where new sights await around every corner; enjoy a desert safari with a sunset dinner; go on a mountain safari, and so much more.

With VIP service and an unrivaled level of professionalism, you can experience these two amazing destinations in flawless style, enjoying the best of both worlds in one vacation; a vacation that will leave you with memories you can cherish forever.


8 Day Dubai to Oman Tour Package

8 Day Dubai to Oman Tour Package

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Discover the Delights of Dubai Oman Tours

Dubai Oman Tours

The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is an amazing and fascinating location. Comprised of seven individual emirates, it offers travelers truly unforgettable experiences that are a blend of the modern and ancient, urban and natural, as well as the luxurious and simplistic.

One wonderful way to witness the delights of the UAE is to take them in on one of the finer Dubai Oman tours.

Including visits to both the emirates of Dubai and Oman, it will introduce you to the urban marvels that make both destinations famous for their luxury and beauty. You also have opportunities for experiences far removed from the cities, too.

Desert safaris and excursions, camel riding, meeting Bedouin tribes for meals and cultural experiences, discovering the art of falconry, and encountering the endless natural beauty of the sea and sands…these are but a few of the delights of Dubai Oman tours.

Amazing Dubai

If you are someone who is interested in learning about some of the modern world’s most amazing engineering, architectural and design marvels, you hear about Dubai often.

Home to the largest shopping mall, the world’s tallest building, the world’s first and largest manmade marina and many of the world’s most famous residential areas, it is both a city and emirate with a seemingly boundless array of things to see and do.

The best Dubai Oman tours ensure that you get to enjoy time at several of those impressive spots in addition to the more iconic, exotic and unforgettable areas of Dubai, too.

As an example, truly premium Dubai Oman tours will always incorporate options for visiting:

Historic Dubai Creek

This is where some of the earliest inhabitants of the region chose to settle. With the abundant marine life, including oysters famous for their pearls, and the waterways for easy trade, this area offered a lot of appeal.

Today, it features many of the famous historic and old town destinations that include the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort, the Gold, Textile and Spice Souks, the Heritage and Diving Village, Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, the Burj Nahar and so many other amazing sites.

Stunning Jumeirah Mosque

The best Dubai Oman tours will allow you some time at this visually stunning mosque.

Done in a pure white stone, it features some of the most elegant minarets framing the equally elegant dome, and is one of the few mosques open to non-Muslims six days per week. Tours and guided talks introduce visitors to the architecture of the building, the Islamic faith and more.

Burj Khalifa

Of course, only the best Dubai Oman tours will include visits to the world’s tallest building. It is not enough to just stand at the base and gaze up the 828m tall building. A good tour will also bring you inside to where the 124th floor observation platform provides stunning views.

Remember, this building is also home to the highest indoor pool in the world, too!

Dubai Mall

As part of the finer Dubai Oman tours, some time spent shopping is a must.

While you can enjoy a lot of excitement and fun in the historic souks in the Bur Dubai area, while you are in the more modernized region of the city, a visit to the world’s largest mall is a must. Not only can you choose from thousands of shops and hundreds of restaurants, but you can pay a visit to the Aquarium and also the theme park!

Don’t forget to visit the stunning Dubai Fountain outside (and also at the base of Burj Khalifa)

Palm Jumeirah

While at the top of Burj Khalifa, you will be able to appreciate the stunning feat of architecture known as the Palm Jumeirah. This is a series of manmade islands off the Jumeirah Road area of the city. Taking its name from the palm shape of the islands, it is home to some of the most luxurious residences as well as the famous Atlantis Hotel. Some of the best Dubai Oman tours include guided tours of the area, and even some time at the hotel.

On your way to or from the Palm Jumeirah, you might also pass the home of the rule of Dubai (Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid’s Palace).

Burj Al Arab

Known as one of the world’s only “7 star” properties, it is also one of the most familiar. Designed after the delightful Arabian dhow sail boats, it sits just offshore on a manmade island. Like a luxurious boat at full sail, it offers luxurious dining, shopping and is a must during any of the Dubai Oman tours available.

Dubai Marina

A must for the better Dubai Oman tours, it is the largest manmade marina and sits in the midst of the world’s tallest, luxury apartment buildings. Offering a pleasant Walk that has been designed to provide you with access to premium shops and cafes, it gazes out at the ultra-luxurious Yacht Club.

More Enjoyable Options

Are there other enjoyable options that might be included in the Dubai city portion of Dubai Oman tours? There is a seemingly endless array of options for you to visit, and depending on the Dubai Oman tours selected, you might be able to spend time exploring the City Walk area which emulates a European location with its lovely paths, shops and cafes.

There is also the Walk and The Beach at the Jumeirah Beach Residences, which is another wonderful (combined) experience of luxury shopping, dining and beach activities. Saga World is the destination for dedicated luxury shoppers and offers world-class boutiques in a simply stunning setting.

The modern Dubai Canal is yet another manmade marvel that leads from the modern Downtown and all of the way to the Arabian Sea. There is also the utterly charming Madinat Jumeirah designed to look just like an ancient citadel, including waterways traversed by abra boats. Here you can shop, dine, enjoy spa experiences and savor the amazing waterfront scenery. There are also many theme parks in Dubai including the IMG park, a Lego themed park, a water park, and much more.

Don’t forget that many Dubai Oman tours also offer you options for getting out of the city and exploring the deserts and mountains of the area. These can include camel safaris or 4×4 rides in the dunes. In fact, this is usually a common element in Dubai Oman tours as it is so easy to pack up and head into the desert as you make your way from one emirate to the next.

Visiting Oman

When you have seen all you wish to see of Dubai, you still have days to spend in Oman. Many of the best Dubai Oman tours will incorporate a desert excursion as a transition between the two emirates.

Your visit might start with a 4×4 departing from Dubai and heading into the Arabian Desert. Exploring the dunes and taking in the scenery, you might also choose from the Dubai Oman tours that feature opportunities for such fun and adventure as “sand boarding”, which is just like surfing only done with a special board and the amazing sand dunes.

The very best Dubai Oman tours also recognize a traveler’s desire to experience some of the more historic or traditional activities instead, and you might inquire if your Dubai Oman tours include opportunities for falconry or even a visit with Bedouin peoples.

For instance, there are some tours in which you might spend an evening visiting with authentic Bedouins, enjoying a meal and experiencing traditional music, socializing and even dancing!

The City of Muscat

When your time in the desert is done, many Dubai Oman tours then head to the city of Muscat. Just as luxurious as Dubai, it too is home to impressive sites and attractions. It is the capital city of the emirate and it is also a place where the modern world sits shoulder to shoulder with the ancient world.

With some of the finest beaches and waterfront, it too is a wonderfully scenic city that offers a list of “must see” destinations. The finest tours will usually incorporate a visit to:

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Just like the Jumeirah Mosque, this one is open to visits from non-Muslims. Though it is a contemporary structure, it is also one of the most visually stunning in terms of its design and capacity. Up to 20,000 worshipers may share the space, with the main hall able to accommodate an astonishing six thousand worshippers at once.

There are breathtaking carpets, chandeliers and elegant minarets, and you will want to see this in daylight as well as at dusk when it is beautifully illuminated.

Old Town

The Mutrah Corniche is a waterfront thoroughfare and is dotted with unforgettable sights and sounds. Spend time sipping coffee at one of the many cafes or stroll the waterfront and get the feeling of having stepped back in time. There is the home of the Sultan Qaboos, two historic forts (Jalali and Mirani), and more.

You can also spend time at the fascinating Bait Al Zubair Museum, which rivals other museums in the world for its stunning collections that educate visitors about the many ages of culture and history in Oman.

Mutrah Souk

No visit to Oman is complete without at least one afternoon spent marveling at the souk. Open late into the evening, it is a source of great inspiration. Offering everything a traveler dreams of upon hearing the word “souk”, it is an absolute must. The best tours are going to ensure you visit the fish market, spend a bit more time along the Corniche and marvel at the old houses that create such a fascinating atmosphere in this fully-functioning market.

Modern shoppers also have the choice of a visit to the largest mall in the city, too, the Muscat Grand Mall.

Other Regions in Oman

Though there is far more to see and do in Muscat, the best Dubai Oman tours also take you to other regions of the emirate. For example, a trip to Nakhl Fortress is an impressive one as it leads you through the desert, past groves of lavish palms and even near several springs. It is also home to an impressive museum and even a weekly goat market!

As a destination along trade routes, a visit to the Nakhl Fortress also allows a traveler to visit such beautiful areas as the Wadi Bani Auf within the Hajar Mountain area. Options to stop at local villages for photos, to meet locals and to get an authentic experience of modern Oman society should be part of the journey.

Other excursions that you should consider “must see destinations” are the historic and ancient capital of the emirate, Nizwa. Set within 1600s hilltop fortress, it is the gateway to the mountainous path to the top of Jabal Akhdar, which is one of the most scenic and stunning destinations imaginable. With terraced farms framing the views, it would make for an unforgettable aspect of a visit.

Remember that mainland Oman has other regions, including Al Batinah, Al Dhahirah, Al Dakhiliyah, Al Sharquiyah, Al Wusta and Dhofar. Each features wonderful opportunities for a traveler to experience. Whether you are eager to see UNESCO Heritage sites, like those of Bat in Dhahirah, the ship building of Batinah, the three distinct regions of Sharqhuiyah (including coast on the Indian Ocean), or the deserts of Al Wusta, the very best tours of Dubai and Oman are going to offer you some opportunities.

Amazing Tours of Dubai and Oman

Combining your visit to Dubai and Oman is a great way to get a luxurious sampling of these two coveted destinations. Though your visit is likely to light a spark of intense interest and excitement about these regions, you can easily book repeat visits to expand on your knowledge and experiences of these emirates.

Full of natural and manmade beauty, diverse cultures and geography, they are becoming more and more popular, making now the perfect time to book Dubai Oman tours and experience the delights of Oman and Dubai for yourself.