Dubai Private Tours

Looking for breathtaking Dubai Private Tours? While many travelers enjoy exploring new and exciting destinations as part of a group with other like-minded people, others prefer a more personal travel experience, and for them, our range of bespoke private tours in Dubai are the perfect solution. From the moment you arrive in Dubai, to the moment you leave, our friendly and professional English speaking drivers and guides know exactly how to make your private tour of Dubai a tour you will never forget.

Sit back and enjoy the ride that takes you on an unforgettable journey to see and enjoy some of the very best sites and attractions in the vibrant and endearing City of Gold.

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Should You Choose Dubai Private Tours?

Dubai Private Tours

Perhaps you are beginning to make plans for an upcoming visit to Dubai and the UAE and you are wondering whether Dubai private tours or general group tours are the best option. That’s a great question to consider, and the decision is actually varied based entirely on the individual in question. As an example, if you are comfortable enjoying your visits to the most interesting or appealing sites in Dubai along with 15 others, then Dubai group tours might be just for you.

However, if you want the full attention of your guide, the options for Dubai private tours may be a better choice.

Are there other benefits to choosing Dubai private tours? Yes, let’s spend a few moments considering them and then take some time to view the destinations you will be able to visit with the best Dubai private tours.

The Top Reasons to Choose Private Tours in Dubai

As we already pointed out, Dubai private tours guarantee that you and those in your private party get the full attention of your private guides, interpreters, drivers and all of the rest. That can often make a great difference in the overall quality of your experience.

Yet, is there more to be gained by choosing Dubai private tours? In a word: yes. Here are some of the reasons you will want to consider using Dubai private tours during (or even throughout your entire) visit.

Bespoke Options

When you are part of a larger group tour, there are always some options for flexibility. Perhaps everyone in the group would rather head to one site instead of another. A quality tour provider can usually make that single change.

However, if the wish is not universal, it can lead to conflict, delays and bad feelings. It can also mean that some of the group will not get to visit a site they had hoped to see. With Dubai private tours, though, you can simply tell your guide that you would rather skip “site A” and head instead to your preferred location.

An entirely bespoke or customized visit is possible only with Dubai private tours.


Another of the key benefits to Dubai private tours over group tours is that you can usually gain access to sites, destinations or activities that are simply not open to others.

For instance, museums, restaurants and other locations may not make accommodations for groups, and because of that you may find yourself unable to enjoy very popular and desirable experiences. With Dubai private tours, though, that issue is erased.

Even more exciting is that many of the best providers can often help visitors get into destinations or even events that they might not be able to access any other way.

The Pace is Yours to Set

If you have ever taken a group tour and found it tiring because the pace is either too fast or too slow, you can rest assured that Dubai private tours don’t present that issue.

Did you want to spend more time at the Dubai Mall? You can simply let your guide know. Did you need to dedicate more than an hour to the Dubai Museum or the Textile Souk? That’s fine! Just let the guide know that the pace is too fast and any changes can be made.

Local Secrets

Here’s something many of us don’t consider about travel – we often are unable to enjoy some of those unforgettable local secrets. The café that makes the best local specialties, the shop that sells those unique goods that will make for unforgettable gifts or souvenirs, the tiny little museum or attraction that just never makes it into the guide books…when you book Dubai private tours, it is easier than ever to enjoy such treasures because your guide is there to ensure you do!

Don’t forget that a local guide will also learn your preferences during the time you are together and can suggest everything from ideal areas to snap photos, perfect restaurants and more.


Are you familiar with the language, the roads, the customs of Dubai? No one is an expert in these areas, and it can take up a lot of your time trying to navigate your way around a strange city or region. Group tours are often touted for allowing you to overcome that easily, but it is not always the best option.

Instead, you can have that bespoke and customizable experience with Dubai private tours and avoid any of the troubles that might arise due to a lack of skill in language, knowledge of customs and trouble finding your way around.

What You Can See on Private Tours of Dubai

As you might guess, the sites and attractions open to you on Dubai private tours are going to include almost all of the same sites you might take in during group tours. However, because your party might number as few as one or include your family, it is going to allow for a longer list of options.

As a prime example, the very best Dubai private tours can often include such experiences as sunset or evening sails aboard class Arabian Dhows. These are the gorgeous wooden boats that famous Barj Al Arab building was inspired by. One of the most unforgettable experiences you might savor during Dubai private tours is a dinner cruise that takes you past some of the most visually appealing areas of the city of Dubai.

Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek

For instance, the Dubai Marina is now considered one of the most modern of marvels in Dubai. The largest manmade Marina, it is home to upscale residential skyscrapers and a famous Yacht Club.

Imagine departing from this sort of modern and appealing location only to then sail back in time as you head past the Dubai Creek or exotic sites like the Madinat Jumeirah. Taking such a tour during one of your first evenings in Dubai is a great way to familiarize yourself with the city and its unique geography.

After all, Dubai is divided in two by its ancient Creek, splitting the city into the old and the entirely modern Dubai. It is within the Bur Dubai that you can explore those iconic spots such as the Dubai Museum, the Textile Souk. This is also where the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is found, and when Dubai private tours really shine.

Just imagine the fun of strolling through a historic area with a knowledgeable local guide. They can allow you all of the time in the world to snap photos, savor local delicacies and really get a good feel and experience of the setting. Because you are not with a large group, you will also be able to experience more without stopping and starting, listening to lectures that might not hold your interest, and missing out on a single thing.

After all, this is that iconic sort of district in which there are courtyards with tinkling fountains, stone buildings, mysterious and exotic alleyways down which you find small shops and charming scenery. It is the perfect place for private tours to occur as it allows you to get a feel for the historic Dubai before you cross the water and head into the far more modern city.

The Modern City of Dubai

Once in modern Dubai, you can still enjoy many of the delights of the historic era, as architectural styles remain intact and many new shopping areas and buildings take their cues from the historic influences.

Additionally, both the Gold and Spice Souks are in the Deira area, allowing you to enjoy shopping in a marketplace where 20% of the world’s gold passes through or savoring the aromas and sights that only an authentic spice market can provide.

And if you had hoped to take in the modern marvels for which Dubai is so famous? Private tours are a great way to enjoy them, too. After all, it is far easier to navigate your way to such attractions as:

  • Palm Jumeirah – Private tours to this manmade island are a wonderful way to enjoy plenty of photo opportunities and spend time at destinations like the Atlantis Hotel.
  • Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the world, it is a must see attraction and made far more enjoyable with a private guide helps you get tickets, see the observation deck and points out many sights from the 124th floor.
  • Dubai Mall – The largest mall in the world, it is home to more than one thousand shops, 160 restaurants, an aquarium and theme park. It is so large most people actually are glad to have a guide, but you can also enjoy a day here on your own. Don’t forget to spend time outside at the famous Dubai Fountain.
  • The Walk and The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residences – Another iconic destination it features the waterfront, shops and restaurants and lovely views.
  • Jumeirah Mosque – One of the few mosques allowing non-Muslim visitors six days each week, it is wonderful to have a knowledgeable guide and private tour. The architecture is breathtaking and tours can include interesting programs.
  • The City Walk – A European inspired shopping area full of walks, cafes and waterways, it is a good part of any visit.
  • Dubai Marina – The world’s largest manmade marina, it houses upscale shops, restaurants and a premier Yacht Club. It is a point of departure for evening sails and is sure to please.
  • Dubai Canal – Another manmade feature, it takes you from the downtown area and out to the Arabian Sea. It features hundreds of meters of trails and is dotted with all kinds of activities and dining spots.
  • Madinat Jumeirah – Though a modern structure it is designed after a classic citadel. Here you can find spas, a souk, and waterways full of arbas glad to take you from one area to another.
  • Museums and Theme Parks – The modern areas of Dubai feature an array of popular theme parks, including a Lego Theme park, indoor theme parks, a water park and more.

Getting Outside of the City of Dubai

Naturally, not all private tours in Dubai have to focus strictly on the city areas.

There is so much natural beauty to enjoy in Dubai that you will want to inquire about private tours into the mountains and deserts nearby. As a prime example, you can be guided into the desert area outside of the city (in a four wheel drive vehicle). There you might be able to enjoy many photo opportunities as you stride atop the dunes or even enjoy some time spent riding camels along the sands. You may be able to do some desert adventures, such as sand boarding or prepare for a meal with local Bedouin tribal members.

Such an option is rarely available with the exception of those who book private tours in Dubai.

So, is a Dubai private tour a good solution for you? If you are traveling alone, with your small family or enjoying a romantic honeymoon, it could be the perfect solution. It can allow you to savor visits to the well known and familiar areas of Dubai, spending all of the time you would like at the top attractions. However, it is also the key to an entirely unique and customized experience.

Did you hope to see all of those modern marvels for which Dubai has earned such a global reputation? You can do that best with a Dubai private tour.

Are you looking to easily navigate the city and rural areas with someone who speaks the language and understands what you hope to gain from a visit? The private tour is also an ideal solution.

Maybe you are eager to have the best of all possible worlds, visiting historic cultural sites, modern architectural wonders, and even finding those quiet, lesser known corners that enhance your experience? If so, this too is the time for a private tour. Don’t hesitate to explore the options for private tours in Dubai, as it can make for an amazing visit you will never forget.