Cairo Tower – A Classic Landmark And Must See Attraction

Reaching 187 meters into the sky, Cairo Tower is undeniably one of Cairo’s most distinguishable landmarks, and one which is you can’t fail to notice, no matter which one of our Cairo tour packages you choose.

Cairo Tower seen from the Nile River

Cairo Tower seen from the Nile River.

Whether you’re travelling to Egypt to explore its many ancient sights and attractions, or whether you’re planning on have a relaxing holiday by the Red Sea, you’ll almost certainly want to spend a few days in Cairo. With so many things to see and do in and around the city, it can be difficult trying to decide which are the best attractions to visit. One excellent attraction is Cairo Tower, and it’s also a very convenient attraction because it’s located so close to the center of Cairo.

The History and Significance of Cairo Tower

By today’s standards, a 187 meter tower is certainly not going to be breaking any records, but let’s not forget that Cairo tower has been a part of the city’s skyline for nearly 60 years already. It was also the tallest structure on the African continent until 1971, when it lost its status to the Hillbrow Tower in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Cairo Tower, also known as Borg al-Qahira in Arabic, is said to have been built to serve two purposes. It was to function as a television tower, a role which it still fulfills to this day, and it was also intended to act as a symbol of Egypt’s engineering capabilities at a time when there were already plans being drawn up for the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

Cairo Tower as it Stands Today

The tower, which is located the Zamalek district on Gezira Island in the River Nile is today best known for its observation deck and the revolving restaurant which sits on the top of the tower. Some visitors have commented that better cuisine can be found in many restaurants through Cairo, but the undeniable truth is that no other restaurant can offer its diners the same sort of views. The restaurant slowly rotates, completing one rotation every 70 minutes.

Another great thing about Cairo Tower is the fact that it stays open throughout the day and well into the night, making it possible for people to visit the observation deck at night as well. Cairo at night, as seen from the observation deck, is a sight not many visitors are likely to forget. If the sky and the city below don’t satisfy your appetite for twinkling lights, then fear not because there are more lights waiting a few floors down.

That’s right, start heading down towards the ground floor, and you’ll come across the vibrant and very popular Legends nightclub, complete with good quality lighting and audio, not to mention the most amazing belly dancing shows that take place regularly.

Visiting the tower during daylight hours might not dazzle like a nighttime visit will, but the views from the tower are quite simply breathtaking. Not only can you see most of downtown Cairo, but you also see Egypt’s most iconic landmarks in the distance, the Great Pyramids of Giza. Sure, they are some distance away, but there’s just something magical about actually seeing them there in the distance.

If you really do need a closer look (most visitors do) there are a number of telescopes set up on the observation deck. Turn your scope to the west and you’re greeted by the pyramids and the vast desert beyond, while facing your scope east will give you a great view of the medieval quarter.

It would be foolish to put Cairo Tower in the same class of Cairo tourist attractions as the pyramids; temples and so on, but it is certainly worth a visit if your Egyptian break includes a few days in the capital. Only a limited number of package tours include a visit to Cairo tower, but standalone tours are readily available.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024