Egypt Tours from Israel

Egypt tours from Israel are popular among both Israeli citizens and foreigners who visit Israel. Many visitors to Israel choose Egypt as a sort of extension to their holiday in Israel. Just like people from all countries, there are many Israelis who have a burning desire to visit and explore Ancient Egypt, or spend some time relaxing on Egypt’s famous Red Sea coastline.

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Tours to Egypt from Israel Including Cairo and Nile Cruise

Luxury Nile Cruises and Stay
Cairo, Nile Cruise and Red Sea Stay 2
Luxury Nile Cruise and Cairo Tour
Cairo, Abu Simbel and Nile Cruises
8 Day Egypt Holiday Tour - Cairo and Nile River Cruise
Budget Trip to Egypt - Cairo and Nile Cruise 2
Sun Festival at Abu Simbel

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Egypt and Jordan Tours from Israel

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Nile Cruise Vacations Only

Nile Cruises from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan
Nile Cruises from Luxor to Aswan
Nile Cruises from Aswan to Luxor
Dahabiya Nile Cruises
Luxury Nile Cruises
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Breathtaking Egypt Tours from Israel

Egypt Tour from Israel

Colonnade of ancient Egyptian columns at Philae Temple near Aswan

Egypt really is one of those rare destinations that well and truly do have something for everyone, and if you are going to be booking Egypt tours from Israel, then Egypt Tours Plus is a great place for you to start. Whether you are going to be traveling on an Israeli passport, or whether you are going to be traveling on a different country’s passport, continue reading to find out exactly what to expect.

At Egypt Tours Plus, we take great pride in the variety and quality of the Egypt tours we offer, and because we believe in flexible travel and absolute customer satisfaction, all our tours can be customized and tailored to meet the exact needs and requirements of our clients. Our travel experts can also work with you to create your Egypt tours from Israel from scratch. Doing so is quick, it’s easy, and it is fun.

Enjoy spectacular sightseeing tours, luxurious Nile River cruises, unforgettable desert safaris, magical SCUBA diving experiences, or simply spend your days relaxing in the sun.

Getting to Egypt from Israel

Getting from Israel to Egypt really could not be any easier or more convenient than it already is. While many people do choose to travel from Israel to Egypt by road, it really does depend on which part of Egypt you intend visiting. For most people, flying remains the option of choice, and it is easy to see why. After all, a flight from Tel Aviv to Cairo only takes approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes.

NOTE: At the time of writing, only a limited number of flights operate between Tel Aviv, Cairo, Aswan, and Sharm el Sheikh. Additionally, many travelers also report that it can oftentimes be difficult trying to book your own flights online for these routes, and for this reason, we strongly recommend discussing your requirements with your travel agent prior to booking any tours.

Visa Requirements for Israeli Passport Holders

Just like the citizens of most countries, Israeli citizens also require a visa in order to enter Egypt. While Egypt did introduce an e-visa system in 2017, Israeli citizens are not yet able to apply for an online e-visa at this point. Those who are traveling on an Israeli passport are also not able to obtain a visa on arrival at the airports in Egypt.

In order for Israeli citizens traveling on Israeli passports to obtain a visa, they need to apply for one at the Embassy of Egypt in Tel Aviv or at the Egyptian Consulate at Eilat. As is to be expected, all the regular documentation will need to be shown when applying for your visa. The most important documentation will of course be:

  • Your original passport.
  • A copy of your passport’s main information page.
  • Proof of onward travel such as your return flight ticket.
  • Confirmed hotel bookings.
  • A printout of your travel itinerary.

The visa application process is very straightforward providing all the necessary documentation is included with your application. Since criteria can change, it is always best to contact the Embassy of Egypt in Tel Aviv in order to confirm exactly what documentation is concerned.

NOTE: Before booking any Egypt tours from Israel, it is essential that you check your passport’s expiry date. It must have at least 6 months validity left on the day you arrive in Egypt.

Egypt Tours from Israel for Holders of Other Passports

People traveling on passports of one of the following countries are now able to apply for an Egypt e-Visa online:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Great Britain
  • All European Union member states

Holders of all other passports should inquire about visa requirements pertaining to their nationality. While the citizens of many countries are eligible for a visa-on-arrival at any of Egypt’s international airports, nationals from certain countries are required to apply for a visa prior to traveling to Egypt, and the criteria for qualifying for a visa might also differ from one nationality to the next.

If you are traveling on a passport issued by one of the countries that qualify for an e-visa, then your application for an e-Visa should be submitted at least 7 days prior to your planned departure date. People applying for an e-Visa also have the option of choosing between a single-entry and a multiple-entry visa which cost $25 and $60 respectively.

The process for obtaining an e-Visa is very easy and straightforward. Once you have completed the online application form and you have paid the fee, your e-Visa should then be ready for you in two or three days. When you arrive at the airport in Egypt, you will need to show the following documentation:

  • Your passport with a least 6 months validity remaining.
  • A printout of your e-Visa

NOTE: Contrary to what you might have heard or read, having Israeli stamps in your passport will not prevent you from being allowed in Egypt.

Sinai Resorts Visa Exemption Stamp

Israelis as well as the nationals of most countries who want to spend some time at the resorts on the Sinai Peninsula, such as at Sharm el-Sheikh for example, are able to enter Egypt without any visa.

Providing you can show proof of your hotel reservations, you can obtain a stamp for free which will allow you into Egypt for a period not exceeding 15 days. If during this time you need to leave the Sinai Peninsula, you will have to try and obtain visa at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport but it is worth noting that you will almost certainly be refused a visa because the airport can only issue a Visa-on-Arrival for which Israelis don’t qualify.

The 15-day free entry permission stamp can only be obtained at the Taba land crossing or at Sharm el-Sheikh Airport.

Traveling with Medication

If you know you will be requiring any sort of medication during your Egypt tour from Israel, it is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with Egypt’s laws regarding the sort of medication you need to take. Many drugs which are available over-the-counter in your own country might be considered controlled substances in Egypt and if you get caught with them in your possession, the consequences can be extremely serious.

Carrying prescription medication on you is perhaps even more reason for you to make sure that those drugs are in fact allowed to be used in Egypt. At the very least, you will need to keep a copy of your prescription with you, and you should also obtain a letter from your doctor explaining exactly what sort of health condition you have, what medication you need in order to treat it, and what sort of dosage you are required to take. Providing you have this with you, you shouldn’t really have any reason to be concerned but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Staying Safe during Your Egypt Tour from Israel

As is always the case when you’re traveling to a strange country, a little bit of common sense can go a long way in helping you to safeguard your own personal safety. For example, when you are in crowded areas frequented by many tourists, it is always wise to be mindful of pickpockets and other types of petty criminals.

At Egypt Tours Plus, we also advise against carrying any unnecessary valuables around with you when you go on your tours, and the same applies to the amount of cash you carry around with you. Only carry as much money as what you think you might need, and leave the rest inside your safety deposit box in your hotel room.

At Egypt tours plus, we take the safety and well-being of our clients extremely seriously, and while we will do everything we can to safeguard your personal safety and wellbeing, there will be times when we won’t to be around, such as in the evenings after we have dropped you off back at your hotel, and also during days when they are no tours or excursions scheduled.

We also advise against walking around alone at night in places that are very quiet and dimly lit, and this is especially true if you are a young woman traveling on your own.

Lastly, when you book your Egypt tour from Israel through us, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that we have never and will never take any of our clients to a place or area which we feel might be unsafe. We have been making travel dreams come alive since 1955 so you can be sure that you will be in good hands every step of the way.

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