How to Pack for a 12-Day Egyptian Honeymoon

Egyptian Honeymoon - Karnak Temple - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Karnak Temple – UNESCO World Heritage Site in Luxor

Romantic Egyptian tour packages are the perfect way to spend a honeymoon. You’ll get to enjoy sun, sand, and amazing culture, without the usual beach-going crowds. Egypt offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world, and our 12-day tours are perfect for exploring as much as you can in just a couple of weeks. During your time in this gorgeous country, you’ll be enjoying a climate that is likely different than what you are used to.

Here are some tips on how to pack to make our Egypt honeymoon tours as comfortable and as much fun as possible, without having to drag around tons of luggage.

First On the Packing List: Sun Protection

Egypt is a land of breathtaking architectural feats and sweeping sand dunes. It  is also a land that gets lots and lots of sun! Take it from us, sun protection should be at the top of your packing list. The last thing you want, is to have your honeymoon totally ruined as a result of severe sunburn. Besides a good quality sun screen lotion, wide-brimmed hats are also a must for touring in the Land of the Pharoahs, and particularly at sites such as the Giza Pyramids in Cairo and the Valley of Kings in Luxor.

Women should consider bringing a scarf to not only help protect their heads from the sun, but also to use for modesty’s sake when visiting religious sites such as mosques or churches. Some type of head covering for women is required for women of faith and tends to be very appreciated even if you are not of faith.

Of course, if you want to pack in as little as possible for your trip, you always buy your sun sunscreen lotion in Egypt when you arrive. This would also mean that you don’t need to worry about trying to get sunscreen bottles through an airport. However, if you tend to burn easily, you should definitely make purchasing this product the first thing on your to-do list when you travel to Egypt. The Egyptian sun can be harsh, and you don’t want your romantic honeymoon tour ruined by painful skin.

You could also buy a hat and scarf, and even some sunglasses when you arrive in the coutry. If you are arriving Cairo, you will be able to find everything you could possibly need at the city’s famous Khan el Khalili Bazaar. You may also find that these essentials actually cost less in Cairo that the do back in your home country. Sunglasses with a very high UV rating are another must, especially when you are touring famous Egyptian sites. The sun glares up off the Nile, the sand, and buildings in a way that can harm your eyes. If you’ve ever seen that shimmering mirage-like heat rising up off the sand, you may not have realized that you were looking at the effects of UV rays.

Consider Comfort and Modesty for Your Clothing

During your tour of Egypt, you’ll visit pyramids, historic sites, open-air shopping markets, and so much more. All of it means one thing – a lot of walking. So be sure that you are bringing comfortable footwear to wear during the touring days. These should not be hiking boots, but rather, breathable walking shoes made from a lightweight material that will help wick away moisture and keep your feet from cooking. Consider a basic tennis shoe or sporting shoe, not a trail shoe. Some people find that comfortable sandals made for lots of walking are more comfortable, but keep in mind that the tops of your feet need sunscreen!

Women will typically want to make sure their shoulders are covered. Tank tops or anything that reveals cleavage is usually frowned upon, although it’s not outright illegal by any means. However, to avoid stares or being rejected at religious sites, consider wearing standard t-shirts that cover the shoulders, or even three-quarter length shirts that cover the elbows as well. As a bonus, this will help protect your skin from the sun. Use the same sorts of consideration when choosing shorts or skirts – try to cover the knee or more as you are comfortable.

The exception to this general rule of modesty is your swimwear. Typically speaking, it is acceptable to wear Western-style swimwear during Nile River cruises, when swimming in pools, and on the beaches so long as you can cover up when you leave the water to go have fun elsewhere.

Convenient Electronics Are Key

It’s a great idea to get yourself an adapter plug for your electronics. Egypt’s power supply system requires 220-volt plugs, with two rounded prongs – not the Western-style two rectangular prongs or three-prong plugs. A power converter or universal adapter plug will help you use your own phone chargers or other electronics with ease, anywhere in the country.

Be sure to consider your camera as well when you are packing. You’d be surprised to find that cellular phones and typical travel cameras don’t offer you a broad view to take in many of the enormous sights you’ll see on your tour. If you really want stunning pictures of your trip, consider a camera with a wide-angle lens to make the most of the view along the way.

A Few Other Things

There are just a few other things to consider when packing for your honeymoon tour of Egypt. Don’t forget to bring your prescription medications – they often go by different names in Egypt, so it can be hard to get them filled if you need them. If you have anything you need to take regularly, be sure to bring it along.

Also, if you smoke, consider bringing your own cigarettes if you can. Egyptian cigarettes are noticeably harsher than Western cigarettes, and many visitors find them impossible to smoke.

Finally, don’t forget an extra bag! You’ll likely end up with plenty of souvenirs to take home to remember your fantastic honeymoon. You will have many opportunities to explore shopping markets, along with places to purchase gifts or mementos from places you visited.

To Sum It Up

When packing for a two-week holiday in Egypt, the most important things to pack are:

  • Sun protection, including a wide-brimmed hat and clothing that protects your skin
  • Comfortable walking shoes that breathe
  • Electronic adapters
  • A wide-angle camera lens for your camera
  • A scarf to cover your head at religious sites, for women
  • Prescription medications
  • Any extras that you need, such as a bag for souvenirs

You’ll find that most anything else you could need for your tour, you can purchase along the way. Egypt is a unique and beautiful destination for a romantic honeymoon – you’ll be so caught up with the view and each other, that you won’t miss anything if you forget it. Be sure to bring along a great sense of humor and patience as well. Exploring a new culture is always an adventure, and our Egypt tour packages make it an adventure that you will never forget!

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