Mhamid Marrakech – Where Man and Desert Meet

If life in the city is getting to you and you are starting to feel like you could do with a break from it all, then M’hamid Marrakech is probably one you the best places to head for if you want a completely different type of experience to that which you have been enjoying in the city. Let us add this experience to any one of our existing Egypt and Morocco Tours, and make your time in Morocco more memorable than ever.

Dunes in the desert of Morocco at M'hamid, Marrakech

Dunes in the desert of Morocco at M’hamid, Marrakech.

M’hamid is about a 7 or 8 hour drive from the center of Marrakech. It is only a small village located in Morocco’s Zagora region, approximately 90km past Zagora town itself.

Quite often, people will refer to M’hamid as The End of the Road, and they aren’t kidding when they say that. M’hamid really is the end of the road; it is where the Route National N°9 road ends. Beyond M’hamid lies the mighty Sahara Desert, and the only signs of life you are likely to come across are shepherds and caravan trails.

M’hamid is one of only two places in all of Morocco where the Sahara Desert actually begins. The other place is Merzouga, and it gets far more visitors than M’hamid, but for many travelers, M’hamid is much preferred for this exact reason.

Visiting M’hamid Marrakech is by far and away a much more authentic experience. In fact, if you want to immerse yourself in a truly authentic experience, no other Marrakech tourist attractions even come close.

Things to Keep in Mind at M’hamid Marrakech

Stunning view of M'hamid

Stunning view of tourists in M’hamid.

Considering its close proximity to the Sahara Desert, M’hamid is understandably prone to water shortages, so please use water sparingly and responsibly.

The fact that a number of hotels have swimming pools also has not helped with the water situation, and it is not uncommon for taps to run dry by early to mid-afternoon.

M’hamid is just one of a few villages to be found in the area, but none of these villages have ATMs, so it is essential that you draw out enough money before you leave Marrakech, or at Zagora which is the last place you will find with an ATM.


Remember, even if your preferred tour itinerary does not include a trip to this fascinating area, we can easily add to to any one of our existing Egypt and Morocco tour packages.

Visiting M’Hamid, Marrakech

The first thing which strikes most visitors when they arrive is the incredible friendliness of the locals. Here you will not be pestered by people offering all sorts of tours and etc.

Most visitors simply head out on their own to explore their surroundings, and because there is only one paved road, it’s generally easy to find your way back.

However, if you do get lost, any local you meet will be more than happy to guide you back to the road, or to organize a motorcycle taxi if you want them to.

Desert safari adventure in M'hamid, Marrakech

Desert safari adventure in M’hamid, Marrakech.

If you are going to be at M’hamid Marrakech for a few days, then you should seriously consider going on a desert adventure safari.

Overnight stays in the desert can easily be arranged, along will multi-day desert excursions, and you can choose between 4×4 vehicles; quad bikes, or camels, with camels obviously providing the most authentic sort of experience.

Spending a night or two under the stars in the mighty Sahara Desert is well and truly an experience you are unlikely to ever forget.

Very little information is available on the internet regarding M’hamid Marrakech, and this also helps to give it an even more “off the beaten track” feel. If you would like to find out more about the history of this part of Morocco the locals will love sharing all their knowledge with you. All you have to do is ask.

A Truly Authentic Experience

If you cannot stomach the thought of being separated from many modern-day luxuries, then M’hamid is probably one of the tourist attractions in Morocco you should be visiting, even though the area is home to some good hotels.

On the other hand, if you want a truly authentic experience where you can quite literally immerse yourself in the midst of fascinating cultures and traditions far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then we cannot recommend M’hamid highly enough.

Explore the Best of Morocco Your Way!

If M’hamid appears to be the sort of place you would like to visit, be sure to look out for it in our tour itineraries, considering that it may not be featured in your preferred tour.

However, all of our Egypt and Morocco tours can easily be customized to meet your own exact holiday requirements.

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Last Updated on July 26, 2020