15 Day Egypt Tours

Egypt tour packages, and particularly 15 day Egypt tours allow you to experience the very best sites and attractions of an ancient world.

Unleash yourself in a world of antiquity; Explore ancient pyramids, tombs and temples; enjoy an incredibly luxurious Nile River cruise, of conquer the mighty Sahara desert in cool air conditioned 4×4 comfort, or even on a camel. Explore the extravagance of Dubai, the mystique of Turkey; the natural beauty of Morocco, of venture through the ancient Rose Red City of Petra in Jordan.


Dubai, Petra & Egypt Tour Package

15 Day Dubai, Petra & Egypt Tour

Experience the best of ultra-modern Dubai; visit ancient rock carved cities in Jordan; immerse yourself in the timelessness of Egypt’s legendary pyramids, tombs and temples - 15 day Dubai, Petra and Egypt tour.
Morocco And Egypt Vacation

15 Day Morocco And Egypt Vacation Including Nile Cruise

Discover the timelessness of magical Morocco; the mind bending antiquity of Ancient Egypt, and unforgettable luxury of a 5-Star Nile River cruise - A once in a lifetime 15 Day Morocco and Egypt vacation.
Morocco Egypt Tours

15 Day Morocco Egypt Tours With Luxury Nile Cruise

Indulge yourself in the natural splendor of magical Morocco; lose yourself in the antiquity of Ancient Egypt, and follow in the footsteps of Pharaohs as you cruise the mighty Nile in style - Morocco Egypt Tours that make dreams come alive.
15 Day Egypt Tour - Cairo - Dahabiya Nile Cruise - Sharm El Sheikh

15 Day Egypt Tour - Cairo, Dahabiya Nile Cruise, Sharm El Sheikh

Step out of the present and into the past; explore pyramids; meet mummies, and venture into ancient temples and tombs: 5-Star 15 Day Egypt Tour + cruise.
Egypt and Jordan Trip
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15 Day Egypt and Jordan Trip - Cairo, Nile Cruise, Dahab, Jordan...

A 15 day Egypt and Jordan trip you’ll never forget: Two beautiful countries; two fascinating histories, and a thousand memories to cherish forever.
Egypt Jordan and Dubai Tours
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15 Day Egypt, Jordan and Dubai Tours

Explore three countries, three histories and three fascinating cultures. Our 15 day Egypt, Jordan and Dubai tours are your gateway to the Middle East.
Egypt Turkey Tour Package

15 Day Egypt-Turkey Tour Package

Explore pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the Nile in Egypt, the Bosphorus in Turkey: Discover antiquity with a 15 Day Egypt - Turkey tour package.
Turkey Egypt Tour Package

15 Day Turkey-Egypt Tour Package

Launch yourself back in time and discover the ancient treasures Turkey and the timeless wonders of Egypt with a quality 15 Day Turkey - Egypt Tour Package.
15 Day Honeymoon in Egypt - Cairo Sahara Desert Nile River

15 Day Honeymoon in Egypt - Cairo, Sahara Desert, & Nile River

Honeymoon in Egypt; declare your love for each other in an ancient pyramid; hold each other as you sail the Nile, and embrace under the stars in the desert.
15 Day Egypt Tour - Luxury Nile Cruise and Stay

15 Day Luxury Nile Cruise and Stay

Spoil yourself with a luxury Nile cruise and stay in Egypt for 15 days of unstoppable fun and adventure, and leave with memories that can never be erased.
15 Day Luxury Tour of Egypt

15 Day Luxury Tour of Egypt

Allow Pharaohs and Roman emperors to host you in a mystical land that has captured the imagination of man for centuries – A 15 Day luxury tour of Egypt.
15 Day Egypt Tour - Holy Family Trip to Egypt

15 Day Holy Family Trip to Egypt

Embark on a holy family trip to Egypt to trace the path of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and round it all off with an unforgettable Nile cruise.