6 Day Egypt Tours

Visit the very best attractions in the ancient Land of the Pharaohs; stay in luxury hotels and enjoy VIP treatment every step of the way with 6 Day Egypt tours.


Egypt Oasis Tour

6 Day Egypt Oasis Tour

Explore the desert in style; spend your nights in oases, and camp under the stars with local Bedouin – Explore their world with a 6 Day Egypt Oasis Tour.
Black and White Desert Tour

6 Day Black and White Desert Tour

Discover Cairo’s ancient sites; venture into the Sahara; visit an Oasis and spend a night camping under the stars with a 6 Day Black and White Desert Tour.
6 Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip - Cairo Alexandria Tour

6 Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip - Cairo & Alexandria Tour

6 days of adventure; 6 days of romance, 2 cities and a Pharaonic Village marriage celebration: Say “I Love You” with a 6 Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip

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6 Day Egypt Tours

6 Day Egypt Tours - Pylons of Karnak Temple. Ancient Thebes

Currently, we offer three different 6 Day Egypt Tours: one for honeymooners, and two for people who want to experience the raw and natural beauty of the mighty Sahara Desert. All our 6 day Egypt tours are also private tours, meaning that you will not be traveling as part of a group unless you actually book a tour for more than one person. Our tour packages can also be customized and tailored to meet your own exact needs, so no matter which tour you choose, you can be sure it will be a truly amazing experience from beginning to end.

6 Day Egypt Honeymoon Trip

Our 6-Day Egypt Honeymoon Tour package has been designed for newlyweds, but that’s not to say others won’t enjoy this tour as well. Your tour kicks off with a full day of sightseeing in and around Cairo, which will see you visiting many historical attractions, including the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, the Hanging Church of Cairo, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, and the famous Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

Another highlight of this tour will be a visit to a Pharaonic Village where you can witness daily life as it was in Ancient Egypt, and you will also enjoy a traditional Pharaonic celebration of your wedding while there. This tour also includes a 1-night stay in Alexandria and some wonderful sightseeing opportunities in this very welcoming city which has mostly been spared from mass tourism.

6 Day Black and White Desert Tour

This tour aims to offer visitors the best of both worlds. Enjoy luxury accommodation and totally unforgettable sightseeing in and around Cairo, and then connect with nature as you head out to explore the Black Desert and the White Desert. During this trip, you will also get to see Crystal Mountain and the Valley of Golden Mummies.

While you are in the desert, you will also visit the beautiful Bahariya Oasis, where you will spend one night sleeping in a luxury Hotel. You will also spend a night camping under the stars in the White Desert where you will be fed and entertained by the local Bedouin people who have lived in the desert for thousands of years.

6 Day Egypt Oasis Tour

Unlike the two 6 day Egypt tours discussed above, this one does not include any sightseeing in Cairo, so it is particularly well-suited for people who have already visited attractions such as the Giza Pyramids and etc. This tour is all about visiting and exploring several oases, all of which are home to a number of fascinating attractions.

Transport and Accommodation

All transport is carried out in modern and comfortable air-conditioned vehicles, regardless of whether you are being driven to or from the airport, or whether you are heading out into the mighty desert. All our tours place a great deal of emphasis on comfort and luxury, so you can be sure your trip will be as comfortable and as pleasant as possible from beginning to end.


Some meals are included, while others are not, so it is always advisable to read tour itineraries carefully before you make a booking, or if you have any concerns, feel free to discuss them with one of our tour representatives.

Need an Itinerary altered?

Because our 6 day Egypt tours are all private tours, we are able to customize them to fit your own individual needs. If you would like certain changes to be made, simply let your dedicated tour manager know, and they will be happy to work with you in order to ensure your vacation will one which you will never forget.