4 Day Egypt Tours

Dreaming of an amazing 4 day Egypt tour? Imagine entering a pyramid which thousands of years ago was the final resting place of a powerful Pharaoh; imagine strolling through an ancient temple constructed centuries ago by a Roman emperor, imagine drifting silently along the might Nile River, or imagine exploring the world’s most formidable desert, the Sahara.

Experience all this and more with carefully planned 4 day Egypt tours, or choose from many other types of Egypt tour packages, and enjoy the type of vacation you never thought possible.


4 Day Cairo Tour

4 Day Cairo Tour

Feed your passion for all things Egypt with an explosive 4 Day Cairo Tour that includes your own guide and driver, and visits to the very best attractions.
Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel Tour

4 Day Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel Tour

Make the most of your limited time in Egypt with an explosive 4 Day Luxor – Aswan – Abu Simbel package tour featuring the best sites of Upper Egypt.

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4 Day Egypt Tours

4 Day Egypt Tours - Statue in Temple of Hatschepsut

Egypt is undeniably one of the most fascinating countries in the world, and especially amongst those people who are fascinated by the history of ancient civilizations. However, Egypt is also an ideal destination for anyone who wants an affordable holiday in the sun, or for those who are passionate about SCUBA diving in pristine waters teeming with aquatic life.

At Egypt Tours Plus, we realize that that not all visitors have plenty of time to explore, and we realize that not all visitors want to spend their entire holiday touring the country. With this in mind, we put together a variety of 4 Day Egypt Tours to suit different tastes and desires.

NOTE: All our 4 day Egypt tours are private guided Egypt tours, and they can all be customized to meet your own exact needs. Our tour managers are always ready to work with you in order to ensure your 4 day tour of Egypt is everything you want it to be, and more.

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