Agadir Attractions – Everything You Need to Know and More

Dreaming of exploring the top Agadir attractions? A visit to Agadir in southern Morocco is a treat for the senses. Although it is most commonly known as a gorgeous and peaceful resort area in southern Morocco, the city of Agadir offers many other tourist attractions. Visit this charming part of the country with any one of our fully customizable Egypt and Morocco Tours,

Agadir Attractions - Red archs on Atlantic Ocean coast. Agadir, Morocco

Pristine white sands along the Atlantic coastal region, the nearby Anti Atlas Mountains, and the sands of the Sahara Desert are among the most scenic attractions in Morocco, and all of them can be enjoyed during a stay in Agadir.

However, within the city itself there are many fascinating things to do and see in Agadir. Read on to learn more.

The Best Places to Visit in Agadir

Key among the Agadir attractions is always going to be the beach. You will find that many Europeans are enjoying the white sands and seemingly endless sun that has made it such a top destination.

It has a world-class marina as well, and this too is one of the Agadir attractions for the many sailors and boating enthusiasts of the world.

The beach area of Agadir is lined with charming cafes serving an array of cuisines. You can easily spend days sampling the delicious dishes and spending time in a comfortable sun chair.

When you are done enjoying the beach, you can then explore most of the city on foot.

The kasbah numbers as one of the only truly historic Agadir attractions. Providing a wonderful view of the sea, the fortress is from the middle 1500s and was once a flourishing region.

The gate and the walls are impressive when seen in person, and should most definitely be on your “must see” list of Agadir tourist attractions.

If you would rather stick to the modern era, the City Centre is also a top rated attraction. With some modern monuments, it is a pleasant place to stroll and enjoy the amazing architecture.

Among the different tourist attractions in Agadir set in the City Centre are the Amazighe Museum, which is a Berber museum that is often rated as a truly remarkable experience. Travelers see local artists as well as the contents of the heritage collection too.

Nearby is the Grand Mosque, and because of its modern styling and unusual architecture, it is popular as one of the top Agadir attractions.

Remember, all our tours can be customized, so you can visit and explore Agadir with any one of our Egypt and Morocco Tours even if it isn’t featured in your preferred tour itinerary.

Beyond the Tourist Attractions in Agadir

Beyond the Agadir attractions are some nearby villages and sites that are well worth a journey.

For example, not far along the coast from Agadir is the charming town of Essaouria. It is frequently noted as one of the Agadir attractions.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a relic of the 18th century. It is the perfect town to explore on foot. There are stone paved streets and alleys where you can spend hours admiring the architecture, carvings, and details.

Something to note is the many shades of blue used on the doors, and how this contrasts so perfectly with the sandstone used in the buildings.

Another of the frequently noted Agadir attractions in Essaouria is the Museum of Sidi Mohamed ben Abdullah. It is the former home of the pasha and it contains a huge collection of local art, musical instruments and much more.

Just inland, is the Souss Valley. Here you can enjoy the scenery, but you must make sure you pay a visit to the village of Taroudant. It is still surrounded by its ancient clay walls. They are monumental in size and a frequent draw for the many people visiting Agadir.

Inside the walls, you find some wonderful handmade goods in the different souks, and many say it is a great town for haggling with vendors.

Also in this area is the massive Souss-Massa National Park. Long described as a bird-watchers paradise, it is also a good spot for admiring the wildlife of the region in general.

There are beaches, wetlands, and large dunes that line the country’s Atlantic Coastal area, and it is a great place to catch sight of migrating birds too.

If you plan on using Agadir as a starting point for entry into the Anti Atlas Mountains, you will want to stop at the village of Tafroute. It is set in some of the most beautful scenery imaginable, with multi-hued rocks and the green of the low growing scrub.

It is described is impossibly photogenic, and is a popular place for hiking.

Destinations near Tafroute include the prehistoric site known as Annameur, where ancient rock art remains. Natural spots like the Gorgest of Ait Mansour are also among the must see attractions here.

Also in the area of the Anti Atlas Mountain foothills is the village of Tiznit. It too has a fortress-like appearance, but its walls date only to the 1800s.

However, many do not come for the walls but to interact with the locals. They wear traditional garments and provide visitors with an authentic experience of modern, native Moroccan life.

It is said that the finest Berber jewelry is available here, and many come just to explore Tiznit’s souks.

Getting Started on a Journey to Agadir

By now, it is obvious that Agadir should be on any list of Morocco tourist attractions. However, it is also a destination packed with plenty to see and do as well.

Whether you stay in the city to enjoy its many resort-like amenities and activities, or you explore just outside of the city too, you can get a wonderful taste of Morocco. In fact, this could be one of the finest ways to ensure a peaceful and low-key visit to this exotic and beautiful land, especially if you book one of our epic Egypt and Morocco Tours.

With years of knowledge and experience our guides and drivers provide you with a relaxing and fulfilling adventure in Morocco making sure that you see the best Agadir attractions.

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Last Updated on November 20, 2020