Are US Citizens Allowed To Travel To Egypt?

As is the case with citizens of nearly all foreign countries in the world, citizens of the United States are welcome in Egypt as long as they have a valid passport and a valid tourist visa.

Are US Citizens Allowed To Travel To Egypt?

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Are US Citizens Allowed To Travel To Egypt?

Egypt is, without question, one of the most interesting and most fascinating holiday destinations on the planet. With a seemingly endless number of tourist sites, including breathtaking archaeological sites and superb coastal resorts, Egypt really does have something for everyone. So, are US citizens allowed to travel to Egypt?

American travelers are as welcome as anyone else to visit the Land of the Pharaohs. Sure, there will be some Egyptians who don’t have a positive view of Americans, but for the vast majority of Egyptians, you are just another tourist, regardless of where you come from.

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Since every holiday trip abroad begins with the need for a valid passport and a valid tourist visa, let’s take a look at what Egypt’s entry requirements are for American travelers.

Passport Requirements for American Travelers

Like everyone else, citizens of the United States of America need to have a valid passport with at least six months validity remaining, as from the date of arrival in Egypt. There must also be at least one blank page in your passport or more if you intend visiting any neighboring countries like Jordan during your trip.

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Visa Requirements for American Travelers

Everyone who wants to visit Egypt must obtain a tourist visa in order to enter the country. There are three ways in which people can obtain their visa for Egypt:

Egyptian Embassy – A visa can be applied for at an Egyptian embassy in your home country. For the citizens of many countries, this is the only option they have. It is also the only option for people who want a business visa, or a study visa. Be aware that the process of obtaining a visa via an Egyptian embassy can take several weeks.

Visa on Arrival (VOA) – Foreign nationals from many countries can also obtain a 30-day visa (tourist) on arrival at any port of arrival in Egypt, including Cairo International Airport, Hurghada Airport, and Sharm El-Sheikh Airport. Some internet sites say you can also get a visa on arrival at the Taba land border crossing. However, this is not guaranteed, so if you intend entering Egypt via the Egyptian border at Taba you may be refused a visa.

Egypt e-Visa – This is the easiest and most convenient option. Providing you come from a qualifying country, you can apply for your tourist visa online. In order to do this, one needs to visit the official Egypt e-Visa Portal and set up an account. Once done, one simply needs to complete and submit the relevant visa application form, and then pay the visa fee using a credit card or debit card. As of the time of writing, only a Visa card and MasterCard were accepted.

If the visa application is approved, the applicant will be notified via Email, and they can then log into their e-Visa account to download and print their visa which they then present to an immigration officer when they arrive in Egypt.

Visa Fees – At the time this post was written, a single-entry tourist cost US$25, while a multi-entry visa cost US$60. Both are 30-day visas, but people who have a multi-entry visa can leave and re-enter the country as many times as they wish during a 90 day period and each time they re-enter they can remain in the country for up to 30 days.

So, are US citizens allowed to travel to Egypt without a visa? Yes, but they will then need to apply for a visa on arrival at the airport when they land in Egypt.

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Visa-Free Entry to Egypt

The citizens of many countries, including American travelers, can visit Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula for up to 14 days without the need for a tourist visa. Tourists who want to take advantage of this visa-free option can get a free entry stamp in their passports at Hurghada Airport, Sharm El-Sheikh Airport, and at the Taba land border crossing.

If you visit Egypt by this means, you are only allowed to travel within the Sinai Peninsula. Although this stamp allows travel in the Sinai Peninsula, travel is more or less restricted to the beach resort towns in South Sinai within the Sharm El-Sheikh perimeter border which is deemed to be safe for tourists.

While the South Sinai coastal resorts are considered to be safe for tourists, visitors are advised against traveling beyond the Sharm El-Sheikh perimeter border. The American government travel advisory states that all non-essential travel in South Sinai should be avoided, and all travel in North Sinai should be avoided.

The Egyptian government also advises against all travel in North Sinai where there is a heavy security presence and many check points manned by the Egyptian military. Travelers attempting to travel to areas in North Sinai are likely to be stopped by security forces and ordered to return to one of the beach resort towns in South Sinai.

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Covid-19 Entry Requirements

Are US citizens allowed to travel to Egypt if they have not had all their Covid-19 vaccines? Yes, Covid-19 vaccinations are no longer mandatory for visitors, and unvaccinated travelers are now free to visit Egypt and its many breathtaking archaeological sites.

In June 2022, the Egyptian government lifted the last remaining Covid-19 travel restrictions. You can visit Egypt regardless of your Covid-19 vaccination status. Visitors are also no longer required to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test or proof of Covid-19 recovery.

While there are no longer any Covid-19 restrictions in place, Covid-19 transmission still occurs, not only in Egypt, but in all countries around the world. The Egyptian authorities are constantly monitoring the situation, and they reserve the right to re-impose any and all Covid-19 restrictions if they feel they are justified. For this reason, visitors are advised to keep their eyes open for any new Covid-19 travel notices.

Are US Citizens Allowed to Travel to Egypt without Health Insurance?

Yes, having travel insurance or medical insurance is not mandatory for visiting Egypt. However, having health insurance is highly recommended, not only for visiting Egypt, but also when visiting any foreign country. Medical treatment costs money, and in the event that you become seriously ill while traveling abroad, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars, even in Egypt.

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Are US citizens allowed to travel to Egypt after visiting Israel?

Some countries in the Middle East will not allow you in if your passport contains evidence of a visit to Israel, but Egypt is not one of them. Besides, providing you travel to and from Israel by air, there will be no Israeli stamp/s in your passport. So, can US citizens travel to Egypt directly from Israel? Yes, you can fly direct from Israel to Egypt, or you can cross from Israel into Egypt via the Taba border crossing without any problem at all.

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Can US Citizens Travel to Egypt Now?

Yes, there is nothing preventing American travelers from visiting Egypt and its many amazing archaeological sites and/or its beautiful sandy beaches right now. In 2019, more than half a million (548,000) Americans visited Egypt. In 2020, the number of Americans visiting Egypt dropped to 174,000 as a result of Covid-19 restrictions affecting travel to and from Egypt. Now, with all restrictions having been removed, Americans are once again visiting the Land of the Pharaohs and its world famous tourist sites.

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Safety Tips

Egypt is a very safe destination for tourists, but that does not mean the country is 100% crime-free. While violent crime against tourists is virtually unheard of, tourists are occasionally victims of petty crime, including things like purse snatching and pickpocketing. Visitors should be vigilant when they are in crowded areas, including bazaars, shopping malls, and popular tourist sites.

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