Cairo Vacation Packages – Making Your Dreams Come Alive

Cairo vacation packages offer travelers a convenient and affordable way to explore one of the world’s most fascinating cities. Cairo is an amazing place with so much to offer. From ancient history to romantic Nile River sunset dinner cruises, Cairo has it all. Not surprisingly, you will see Cairo featured in just about all of our Egypt vacation packages.


Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria Tour

8-Day Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria Tour

Discover and explore Egypt's lesser known ancient wonders with an affordable and expertly crafted 8 Day Tour of Cairo, Luxor and Alexandria.
5 Day Tour of Cairo

5-Day Tour of Cairo – Pyramids and Culture

Discover ancient history; explore the Great Pyramids and Sphinx; visit the Egyptian Museum and shop until you drop - an unforgettable 5 Day Tour of Cairo.
4 day Cairo Tour

4-Day Cairo Tour – Pyramids, Museums, Mosques & Churches

Feed your passion for all things Egypt with an explosive 4 Day Cairo Tour that includes your own guide and driver, and visits to the very best attractions.
Top of Cairo from tv tower, Panorama - Egypt

3-Day Cairo Tour – Giza Pyramids, Egyptian Museum & Old Cairo

Immerse yourself in Egyptian culture; world famous hospitality, and incredibly fascinating ancient history with a luxury, all-inclusive 3-day private tour. Includes professional guide and driver.
5 day Cairo Luxor Tour

5-Day Cairo to Luxor Tour

Discover Ancient Egypt with a quality 5 Day Cairo Luxor package tour that includes visits to the most famous pyramids, tombs, temples and monuments.

Cairo Vacation Packages

Cairo Vacation Packages

Millions of people visit the country of Egypt each year. They go to enjoy the amazing scenery, historical sights, museums, excellent cuisine and remarkable culture. Most make a point of visiting the city of Cairo, which is home to the Egyptian Museum and the infamous Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx and many other fascinating Cairo attractions. The city itself is the largest in the country and it’s a remarkable place to explore. This is the reason why so many people continue to book Cairo tour packages every year.

At Egypt Tours Plus most Cairo vacation packages will include a Giza Pyramids tour, along with lots of other great sightseeing. The main city center attraction is the Egyptian Museum, home to many of the most well-known mummies and treasures, including that of Tutankhamen. It also houses the “cache” of royal mummies discovered by tomb robbers in the 1800s.

Many Cairo vacation packages will also include tours of the markets, such as the Khan el-Khalili, and many people who books these packages want to be sure that they will receive some guided assistance in this fabulous location. This is because those on vacations in Cairo intend to do some bargain shopping, and if not a native Arabic speaker, the traditional, and expected negotiation process can become even trickier!

There are many native and national crafts that are available in the markets, and a visitor should try to purchase Egyptian made souvenirs and goods when possible.


Design Your Custom Cairo Vacation

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Accommodation In Cairo

People who book Cairo vacation packages have a range of accommodation options to choose from. These include many Egypt vacation rentals which range from apartments and condominiums to private homes. There are many hotels and resorts as well, and many will offer “all inclusive” arrangements that provide visitors with transportation, professional guide services, meals and some activities as well.

When searching for the best accommodations for Cairo vacations there are several factors to consider. The first, of course, is the budget. Many people look to save money by purchasing Egypt vacation packages that provide every service possible. Generally they will not cover the expense of air travel, but will usually deal with almost everything else.

Consider Including a Nile River Cruise

Our high quality Egypt tour packages are a great way to see most of the popular and most famous destinations in Egypt, and nearly all of them begin with Cairo tours that take in the city as well as the surrounding landscape. While many people plan a boat ride during their Cairo vacations, most Nile River cruises now begin in Luxor or Aswan. Due to the immense popularity of Nile cruises and Dahabiya Nile cruises, the majority of our tour packages include a cruise.

You Can Have the Cairo Vacation of Your Dreams

You can visit the museums, sail the Nile and marvel at pyramids. Nothing is out of your reach when you plan your vacation with us. Furthermore, all our Cairo vacation packages can be customized according to your own individual needs, and you’ll find our consultants standing by 24/7 to offer assistance whenever the need arises.

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