Egypt Tours from Charlotte

People book Egypt tours from Charlotte for a variety of reasons. Many are fascinated by the history of Ancient Egypt and they want to visit and explore the timeless relics left behind by pharaohs thousands of years ago. Others just want to enjoy a relaxing break on the Red Sea coast, and perhaps enjoy some world-class SCUBA diving.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to visit Egypt, you can find out everything you need know about Egypt vacation packages from the USA right here on our site.

Top 6 Egypt Tours from Charlotte

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What to See In Egypt?

Egypt Tours from Charlotte

While sites such as the Giza Pyramids; the Abu Simbel Temples; Karnak Temple and Hatshepsut Temple are undeniably the most famous and most visited Egypt tourist attractions, there so many other amazing sites as well. The Step Pyramid at Saqqara is one such site, as are the Dashur Pyrimids. Many visitors also feel that the Valley of Kings in Luxor is a better place to visit than the Giza Pyramids near Cairo.

Of the 62 tombs in the Valley of Kings, many are open to visitors, and their interiors are a lot more impressive that the inside the pyramids. Also, the Valley of Kings is home to the tomb of King Tutankhamen, and yes, it is possible to see inside his tomb which still houses his mummy to this day. The Lost City of Petra is another site which everyone should try to visit at least once in their lives. This site is in Jordan rather than in Egypt, but it can be visited as part of a day trip from Egypt. There is a good reason why Petra is featured in all of our Egypt and Jordan tours from the USA.

Top 5 Attractions to See In Egypt

  1. The Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx in Cairo
  2. The rock-hewn Temples of Abu Simbel in Aswan
  3. Valley of the Kings in Luxor
  4. The Temple of Horus in Edfu
  5. The Karnak Temple complex in Luxor

What to Pack for Egypt?

When people decide to book Egypt tours from Charlotte, one of the first things they think about is what to pack for Egypt. For the most part, this all depends on the individual. Some people like to pack in a lot of stuff, while others prefer to travel light. There are, however, a few essentials which everyone should pack for a trip to Egypt.

Essential items to pack would include a comfortable pair of shoes; a wide-brimmed hat; sunglasses; sunscreen lotion, and a few white lightweight cotton shirts. It is also advisable to pack in at least one pair of trousers and a warm top because certain parts of the country can get quite cool in the evenings.

Distance and Flight Time from Charlotte to Egypt

The distance from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to Cairo International Airport in Egypt is approximately 6,150 miles, with flight duration of roughly 12 hours and 10 minutes. These figures are based on direct non-stop flights between the two cities.

How to Obtain a Tourist Visa for Egypt?

People who are in possession of a valid American passport have 3 options available to them. They can apply for a tourist visa in person at their nearest Egyptian embassy or consulate. They can also apply online for an Egypt e-Visa, or simply get a Visa-on-Arrival when they land at any international airport in Egypt.

Is It Safe To Visit Egypt?

Yes, Egypt is a very safe place to visit as a tourist, but as is the case with all holiday destinations, it is always a good idea to apply a bit of common sense. For example, it you are traveling alone, then you should try to avoid being on foot in very quiet and/or poorly lit areas at night. If people have any concerns about the current situation in Egypt, they can check the latest Egypt Travel Advisory issued by the American government prior to booking Egypt tours from Charlotte.

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