Egypt Tours From New Zealand

Egypt tours from New Zealand are more popular than ever before. With Egypt having a noticeably lower cost of living, coupled with cheap and affordable flight tickets, it is the ultimate getaway. If your dream is to explore Egypt, the cradle of human civilization, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Whether your Egypt tours from New Zealand should include a journey through Egypt’s ancient past, or whether you want to indulge in the spoils of modern day Egypt, such as our amazing Nile cruise and stay vacations, we can guarantee a travel experience you will never forget.

Top 12 Best Egypt Tours from New Zealand

Epic tailor-made Egypt tours, full of value with or without flights included. Get all-inclusive pricing per person, covering hotels, guided tours, Nile cruises, and more – airfare excluded. Your adventure awaits!

Tour PackageFromDetails
10-Day Egypt and Jordan Luxury Tours$1959View
10-Day Egypt Overland Tour: Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, and Hurghada$2125View
10-Day Luxury Nile Cruise and Cairo Tours$2690View
11-Day Dahabiya Luxury Cruise and Cairo$8495View
11-Day Egypt Luxury Small Group Tours – Cairo & Oberoi Zahra Nile Cruise$3985View
12-Day Cairo, Nile Cruise And Red Sea Stay$1997View
5-Day Cairo to Luxor Tour$1099View
7-Day Ancient Egypt Tour [Small Group] Cairo, Nile Cruise$1485View
8-Day Best of Egypt Tour – Cairo and Nile Cruise [By Air]$1599View
8-Day Cairo to Abu Simbel Tour w/ Nile Cruise$1599View
8-Day Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel Tour$1090View
8-Day Luxury Small Boat Nile Cruise and Cairo Highlights Tour$2795View

Egypt Tours from New Zealand – Seeing the Sights

Egypt Tours From New Zealand

Many independent travelers to Egypt miss out on a lot of the most intriguing sights, not because of finances or a shortage of time, but simply because there is just so much to do and see. If you’re backpacking around the world on a shoestring budget, you might even be thinking that you can’t afford a vacation in Egypt, but if that’s what you’re thinking, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

We offer Egypt tours from New Zealand to suit all tastes and budgets. Even if you don’t see a suitable package deal listed, you can simply get in touch and we’ll custom design a tour just for you. Our customized tours really do put you in control – tell us what your requirements are by completing our online questionnaire, and one of our experienced customer service personnel will soon be in touch to design a package specific to your needs.

All our Egypt tours from New Zealand kick off in Cairo. While Cairo in itself is a truly fascinating city to visit, the surrounding area is also home to some of the country’s greatest attractions, including the Great Pyramids of Giza; the Sphinx; the Egyptian Museum and so much more. After spending a day or two in Cairo, sit back; fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride of your life.

Our Egypt tours packages that feature a Nile River cruise – Nile cruise holidays – are incredibly popular, and many of our customers report that their cruise was the most memorable event of all. Our world class cruises stop at numerous historical places along the Nile, where licensed guides escort passengers to witness the very best attractions that Egypt has to offer, including places like the Valley of Kings; the Valley of Queens, Abu Simbel temples; Karnak  temple complex and the awe-inspiring Temple of Philae.

Venture into the mighty Sahara; visit enchanting oases; go camel trekking or visit ancient monasteries frozen in time. Experience the delights of the Red Sea, diving or snorkeling in some of the world’s most spectacular environments, or soak up the sun in the comfort of your seaside resort. No matter what your budget is; no matter what your desires are, Egypt tours from New Zealand are designed to thrill.

Design Your Custom Egypt Tour

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Passport and Visa Requirements

Citizens of New Zealand must have a passport which is valid for at least six months beyond their intended stay in Egypt.

A visa is also required – People traveling on a New Zealand passport are now able to apply online for an Egypt e-Visa. Egypt e-Visas cost $25.00 for a 60-day single entry visa, or $60,00 for a 90-day multiple entry visa. Alternatively, visas can be obtained at any Egyptian embassy or consulate, or on arrival at any of the main airports in the country. A “Visa on Arrival” is valid for 30 days and at the time of writing, the cost is USD 25. If you intend staying in the country for more than 30 days then it is advisable to apply for a 90 day visa prior to your arrival.

Exceptions: New Zealand women who are legally married to Egyptian men do not require a visa but proof of marriage is required.

Additionally, no visa is required if you enter the country at Sharm El Sheik; Saint Catherine or Taba airports. However, you are only entitled to stay in the Sinai resort area, and your stay cannot exceed 15 days. Also take note that if you are staying in the Sinai resort area without a visa, you are prohibited from boarding any ocean going vessel, including dive boats and etc.

When to Visit Egypt?

Many people tend to believe that the weather in Egypt is very much the same throughout the year, but this is most definitely not the case. During the high season which runs from October to April, temperatures all over the country tend to be very pleasant, although the nights can get quite cold.

The summer months, and especially from June to August are typically very hot, and many visitors, although not all, find the extreme heat uncomfortable, particularly if they have booked one of our popular Sahara desert adventure tours.

Cairo, along with the resort towns and cities on the Red Sea coast tend to enjoy pleasant weather year round so if you intend visiting during the low season, try to find a package tour that focuses primarily on these regions, such as our Red Sea diving holidays. Also keep in mind that many people do visit the country during the low season because everything generally costs less, including accommodation, travel and tours.

Staying Safe While Traveling In Egypt

Egypt is a very safe destination for the overwhelming number of tourists. Nonetheless, there is always a certain amount of risk, regardless of where about in the world you go, and a little bit of common sense can go a long way in helping you to avoid unnecessary trouble:

  • Keep valuables such as jewelry, cash and travelers cheques in the safes which are generally available free of charge in all major hotels
  • Avoid large public gatherings or protests and avoid walking around in quiet and  unfamiliar places after dark
  • Always follow any and all safety advice offered by tour guides and/or our company representatives
  • Avoid confrontation at all times, both with local and other tourists alike
  • Avoid getting into discussions regarding politics and/or religion

NOTE: At the time of writing, independent travel is not recommended for single women – if you are a single woman, choose a reputable tour operator that provides a licensed guide for all sightseeing tours.

Come Explore the Best of Egypt

All of our Egypt tour packages include a personal guide and driver – Safety and customer satisfaction are our primary concerns! Contact us today and begin planning your adventure holiday of a lifetime.

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Egypt Tours from New Zealand – Lifetime Memories Guaranteed!

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