Jordan Tour Packages from the USA

Jordan Tour Packages from the USA are immensely popular for a number of reasons. Not only is Jordan a very tourist-friendly country with plenty to see and do, but it is also conveniently located, given its close proximity to other fascinating destinations such as Egypt and Israel. In fact, many people who book Jordan tours from the USA prefer to book multi-destination tours, such as Egypt and Jordan tours, or Egypt, Jordan and Israel tours.

Jordan Tour Packages from USA - The scenic desert in Wadi Rum, Jordan Lawrence's Spring

The scenic desert in Wadi Rum seen from Lawrence’s Spring. Jordan.

Jordan Tour Packages from USA

One thing which helps to make Jordan tour packages from the USA so appealing is the ease with which US citizens can get a visa, and of course the fact that Jordan enjoys year-round good weather. After all, some parts of the United States have severe winters, and sunny destinations like Jordan are an ideal escape from the cold and the rain.

What Is the Best Time To Visit Jordan?

In most parts of the country frequented by tourists, the weather is rather pleasant all year round, with the only exceptions being the Wadi Rum Desert, the Dead Sea and the beaches at Aqaba where temperatures can reach 40°C in July. If you would like to visit during the coolest months, then you should visit during March, April or May when temperatures are typically in the high teens. Because of the relatively low temperatures during these months, they are often seen as being the best time to visit Jordan.

If you prefer slightly warmer weather, ten you might want to consider visiting between June and September. In Amman for example, temperatures can reach 32°C which is still quite comfortable. Of course, when it comes to actually booking Jordan tour packages from the USA, then it is always best to book as far in advance as you possibly can.

One of the main reasons why we recommend booking well in advance is because it can potentially save you quite a bit of money. For example, if book your Jordan tour packages from the USA through us then the price of your chosen tour package later goes up, you won’t be affected by the increase providing you have already paid for your tour, or paid a deposit. And, if you later decide to cancel your tour, you can get you money refund providing you don’t cancel at the last minute.

Passport Requirements for All Persons Traveling To Jordan

Unless you a citizen of Lebanon who is allowed to visit Jordan with a national ID document instead of a passport, you will need to be in possession of a valid passport. Naturally, there must be sufficient space in your passport for your Jordanian visa and/or the Jordan Entry and Exit stamps. There must also be a minimum of 6 months validity remaining as from the date of your intended departure from Jordan.

Jordanian Visa Requirements for Citizens of the United States

If you are travelling on an American passport, you can enjoy Jordan tour packages from the USA without having to fret over visa requirements. American citizens can either apply for their Jordanian visas at a Jordanian embassy or consular office in the USA, or they can simply obtain a Visa on Arrival when they get to Jordan.

A Visa on Arrival is a single-entry visa which costs JD 40, and is valid for up to 30 days. For most people visiting Jordan, this visa is perfect. However, if you plan on leaving and re-entering Jordan, then it would probably be better to apply for a multiple-entry visa before you travel to Jordan.

Jordanian Visa Requirements for Other Nationalities

The citizens of more than 120 countries, also referred to as “non-restricted” countries, can also obtain a Visa on Arrival when they get to Jordan. We can list each and every one of these countries in this short post, but if you are a citizen of the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or just about any country in Europe or South America, you will almost certainly be able to obtain a Visa on Arrival.

There are also a number of countries in Africa whose citizens can get a Visa on Arrival, including Egypt and South Africa for example. However, if you are traveling on a passport of an African country, we strongly recommend contacting a Jordanian embassy or consular office before booking any Jordan tour packages from the USA.

Supporting Documentation for Jordanian Visas

Citizens and or passport holders of the following countries don’t require any additional documentation for a visa other than a valid passport:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • All EU member states

Citizens of just about all other non-restricted countries may be asked to show their return ticket or some other proof of onward travel.

The citizens of “restricted” countries should contact a Jordanian embassy or consular office to get clarification regarding what documentation is required in order to obtain a visa. Citizens of restricted countries cannot obtain a Visa on Arrival, meaning that they need to apply for a visa prior to booking Jordan tour packages from the USA.

Having Entry Visa Fees Waived

While not everyone is aware of it, you can actually enjoy Jordan tour packages from the USA and not even have to pay any entry visa fees. For example, if you purchase a Jordan Pass prior to your arrival in Jordan, you can have you visa fee waived providing you are going to stay in Jordan for at least three consecutive nights.

There are 3 different types of Jordan Pass to choose from. All of them will give you access to free downloadable brochures and free access to more than 40 different Jordan tourist attractions, include the country’s premier attraction, Petra, which is also known as the Rose Red City of Petra. The cheapest Jordan Pass allows you into Petra for one day, while the most expensive one allows you to visit and explore this site for three days.

You can also have your visa fees waived if you book Jordan tour packages from the USA that are group tours consisting of a least 5 people. You and all other members of your group also have to be staying in Jordan for a minimum of 2 nights, and your tour in Jordan, or at least the Jordan part of your tour must be booked through a Jordan registered tour operator or you must touring with a register Jordan tour guide.

Jordan has really embraced tourism, and the vast majority of people who visit Jordan only have good this to say, not only about the country itself, but also about the people, and of course the food as well. In short, there has never been a better time than right now to book unforgettable Jordan tour packages from the USA.

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