Jordan Tour Packages

Jordan Tour Packages are all about wondrous history and amazing nature. Breathtaking natural attractions such as Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea will leave you mesmerized while ancient highlights such as Jerash and Petra will keep you spellbound.

Our Jordan tours (since 1955) are private guided and flexible sightseeing tours where comfort, high quality service, and satisfaction is guarantee. Find and book your dream trip below.

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Adventure Tour in Jordan

8 Day Jordan Adventure Tour

Spoil yourself with a high caliber Jordan Adventure Tour where leisure, sightseeing, and luxury meet in seamlessly to give you an unforgettable experience.
Vacation in Jordan

8 Day Jordan Vacation

Experience an unforgettable journey through historical Jordan with our wonderfully crafted 8-Day Jordan Vacation that will take you to the sort of places most people can only imagine.
Holiday Tour in Jordan

7 Day Jordan Holiday Tour

Unlock the gates to an unimaginable world of discovery; a place where ancient history lives harmoniously alongside modern civilization; a place called Jordan.
Luxury Jordan Tour

Classic 6 Day Jordan Luxury Tour

Give yourself the sort of break you deserve, with our classic 6 Day Luxury Tour of Jordan. Experience the highlights of one of the Middle East’s best destinations.
6 Day Petra and Dead Sea Tour

6 Day Petra and Dead Sea Tour

Spend carefree days in the sun, and enjoy some of the most spectacular sightseeing opportunities imaginable with our classic 6 Day Petra and Dead Sea tour.
6 Day Vacation in Jordan

6 Day Vacation in Jordan

Leave the world as you know it behind you, and join us for an epic Vacation in Jordan that will see you visiting some of the most remarkable attractions on Earth.
Petra Jordan Tour

5 Day Jordan Petra Tour

Embark on a journey to the Rose Red City with our wonderful 5 Day Jordan Petra Tour. Explore this ancient Nabatean city and so much more in absolute style.
4 Day Jordan Tour Itinerary

4 Day Jordan Tour

Spoil yourself with a high-quality 4 Day Jordan Tour that will see you visiting some of the very best attractions in the country. A blend of luxury, comfort, and non-stop adventure.

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5 Ways You Will Benefit from Jordan Tour Packages

Jordan Tour Packages

Though many people around the globe are familiar with a few famous sites in Jordan, not many are aware of its unique geography and fascinating culture. That is why Jordan tour packages are such a great opportunity. Presenting you with a simple and luxurious way to take in all of the sites, it is also a way to ensure you don’t miss any of the “must see” attractions in the country.

Jordan is around 50% desert, but also features stunning mountains, gorgeous river valleys, and an enchanting sea port along the Red Sea. It has several cities and a long list of beautiful sites ranging from historic and cultural to the many natural wonders. When you join one of the finer Jordan tour packages, you are almost certain to savor experiences at most of these amazing spots.

Of course, many people hesitate to join on tour packages because they fear that it will limit what they can see and do. However, if you take the time to find the best Jordan tour packages, you actually experience the very opposite of what most expect. Not only do you have plenty of time, but you also have a great deal of freedom.

Let’s first look at those 5 ways you can benefit from Jordan tour packages, and then consider all that you will see and do when you choose the very finest of the Jordan tour packages available.

1. Flexibility

Don’t feel that Jordan tour packages are going to put heavy limits on what you’ll see and do during your visit. With us, you can always ask to make changes to the itinerary, spend more or less time at one specific site or even visit sites that may not be on the scheduled itinerary. You also have plenty of room to enjoy sites on your own and won’t have to be part of a group or alongside your guide.

2. Accessibility

Hampered by not knowing any of the languages spoken in Jordan? One of the most immediate benefits of luxury Jordan tour packages is that your guide can do all of the talking for you. They can also ensure that you are able to gain access to all of the destinations or activities you desire. Just consider, for many travelers, there may be no way of obtaining entry to specific sites, restaurants, or other areas. Yet, when you book with premium Jordan tour packages, all of those worries are erased and you can count on the guides to help you experience everything you had envisioned.

3. Expertise

There is one major issue that many of us overlook as we plan for a journey – the expertise of local guides. Just think about all of your local secrets or favorites. You share them with people who are visiting your hometown or region. When you are part of the finer Jordan tour packages, your guides are going to do the same. This means you can enjoy the local treats at that special, out of the way café, the specialty goods from those local artisans, and even a shop or museum that is not always part of the average tour. Additionally, with Jordan tour packages, you work alongside guides that get to know what you are interested in and then they can steer you in all of the appropriate directions. Whether this is to savor a dish, buy a product or see a sight, it is difficult to match the benefit of an expert guide.

4. Time

As we said, the best Jordan tour packages don’t cut into your time. They save it. Just consider the many ways that this occurs. For example, if you are part of a tour, you don’t have to lose time getting lost or navigating your way to a destination. You don’t have to ask for directions upon arrival or as you navigate a city. You don’t waste time visiting less than desirable sites that might as well be called tourist traps. When you are part of premium Jordan tour packages you don’t stand at a car rental desk, wait around a train or bus station or spend one precious moment doing anything other than enjoying Jordan and its many delights.

5. Pacing

Many people hesitate to enjoy tours because they fear that they will be traveling at a breakneck pace through every site and attraction. They worry that they won’t get the full experiences they desire. This is not the case when you choose the best Jordan tour packages. Instead, you are going to be traveling at a pace that guarantees you can speak with locals, ask questions of guides, take plenty of photos and enjoy plenty of downtime or relaxation wherever you visit. Whether it is a city or a desert destination, you will never feel like you are in a race to get to another spot. Instead, it is all about really experiencing each moment.

Now that you understand the six main benefits of participating in luxury Jordan tour packages, it is a good time to consider just what you get to see and do during a visit.

What You’ll See and Do on the Best Jordan Tours

With such a diversity of landscapes, Jordan tour packages offer a wide array of options. However, for most visitors, the following sites are considered the “must see” areas and destinations:

  • Amman – This is the capital city of Jordan but it is also one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. It is believed that people lived in this area as far back as 8500 BCE and that scores of famous civilizations have spent time in the city. There is evidence of Roman, Assyrian, Persian and Macedonian inhabitation and yet it is also one of the most modern cities in the entire Middle East. Considered quite liberal, it features an enormous array of modern shopping malls and markets, yet it also has a fantastic and classic Gold Souk where great deals are always available. History buffs will love the Roman theater dating to the second century, and all travelers will want to pay a visit to the gorgeous Al-Husseini Mosque. There is a very fine Folklore Museum in the city as well as an Archaeological Museum, too.
  • Aqaba – The only seaport in Jordan, it is on the Red Sea and has been inhabited for more than six thousand years. It has a remarkable old town and yet is a thriving modern city with a great deal to see and do.
  • Dead Sea – The lowest place on the planet, it sits more than one thousand feet below sea level. It is unusual for its high salinity and mineral content (around 12 times that of the ocean). It has no living flora or fauna, and is an amazing spot for a swim and a mud bath. Because of the salinity, you don’t actually swim but float, and the minerals in the mud are believed to offer some of the finest healing properties for the skin.
  • Jerash – Vast and somewhat imposing, these are some of the most fascinating Roman ruins in the world. Some say that even the most casual fan of history and archeology will want to spend time visiting the gates, temples and ruined avenues. An authentic Roman Imperial center, it is very large and should be given at least half of a day to explore and enjoy. Dating back more than six thousand years, it is also remarkably well preserved, with the Jordanian government also restoring some areas. When in the Jerash area, you may want to inquire if you tour includes a visit to Ajloun Castle. This is an authentic, Muslim castle high in the hills and offering some of the most stunning views of the Jordan Valley and its nearby wadis.
  • Kerak – One of the finest and most well preserved of the Crusader castles, it has massive gates, enormous vaulted ceilings and underground passages. It is a must see for historians, military buffs, architectural fans and anyone interested in the history of this entire region.
  • Madaba – Known as the city of mosaics, it features the Basilica of St. George and remains a primary place of worship. Dating to the 500s, it features an amazing mosaic map of the region that used millions of local stones to complete.
  • Mount Nebo – Famous for its biblical connections, it is believed that it was here that Moses got his famous look at the Promised Land. Nearby is an ancient monastery also ideal for taking in the views of the Dead Sea, Jordan Valley and even Jerusalem in the far distance.
  • Petra – One of the most famous archeological sites in the entire world, Petra has appeared in countless movies and never fails to enchant everyone who pays a visit. Carved into the walls of a gorge and built of rose colored native stones, it is a stunning place. Created by the Nabatean Arabs, it has hundreds of structures, including the most famous of them all – the Treasury. There are houses, tombs, a theater, baths, and even a colonnaded street. Be sure that your tour includes a day at this stunning and unforgettable destination.
  • Umayyad Castles – Though these are not all contained within modern Jordan, the Umayyad (or Omayyad) Castles were part of what used to be the Umayyad Province of the former Bilad al-Sham. This is an ancient area that has passed through the hands of different groups. The Umayyad Castles, though, were the fortified palaces built between 650 and 750, with some being fortified citadels and other smaller forts. Some of the most convenient and appealing to visit are those at Amra, Azraq (once home to the famous Lawrence of Arabia) and Kharranah. Be aware that they are not “castles” in the European sense but are mostly restored fortresses and trading centers. When visiting, it is fun to imagine the caravans stopping as they made their ways across the rugged terrain with goods or materials for area leaders.

They are also famous for the design and artistry that went into them, and they give all visitors a fairly accurate idea of what life might have been like in that era.

  • Wadi Rum – Another famous spot for its popularity in many films, it is also described as the Valley of the Moon and attracts scores of visitors on a regular basis. This is the perfect choice for a day of exploration and desert adventuring. The best Jordan tour packages often feature 4×4 excursions into the dunes or hiking trips to take in the views of the amazing rocks and rock art.

Other sites include Azraq, an ancient oasis area with protected wetlands, as well as two castles (Qusayr ‘Amra and Qasr al-Azraq). The city of Salt is said to have been established by Alexander the Great and is a great spot for a day walking through lovely neighborhoods full of iconic Jordanian architecture.

As you can see, even the very best Jordan tour packages will be challenged to include all of these sites, but if you spend time looking for the best, you will certainly be taken to almost all that you’ve learned of here. These are some of the most iconic and unforgettable spots in Jordan, and are sure to inspire you to make many return journeys in the years to come.